Doug’s Route

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Send-Off event: The Janet Pomeroy Center
June 27, 2011 at 11:00am

DougTrails visited TBI survivors in these cities on these dates:

San Francisco, CA            6/27/11
Reno, NV                          7/1/11
Provo, UT                         7/11/11
Rock Springs, WY            7/14/11
Lincoln, NE                       7/24/11        —– Halfway mark – 1800 miles cumulative
Des Moines, IA                 7/30/11
Peoria, IL                          8/3/11
Indianapolis, IN               8/7/11
Columbus, OH                 8/10/11
Pittsburgh, PA                8/13/11
Philadelphia, PA             8/18/11
Tom’s River, NJ              8/19/11

Total Distance: 3,256 miles

2 Responses to Doug’s Route

  1. Brett says:

    Ah, I see you are indeed going through Harrisburg. The abandoned section of the PA turnpike is about 80 miles west of Harrisburg. I stayed outside Harrisburg one night, then biked to the turnpike the next day. The following day I explored the area before heading back.

  2. Heidi Lerner says:


    I’ll be cheering you on. Funny though, I was doing just about that trip in my car in the past; my life took me in a whole other journey as I wrecked in Mississipi (glad you’ll be missing that state). I’m calling on your protection and guidance in your travels!


    Heidi Lerner

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