2014 Survivor + Science Tour

SurvivorScience3COMING JUNE 2014:

For his second mission, Project Mend the Mind founder Doug Markgraf will cycle from the Canada-USA border in north Maine to Key West, Florida – along the way, showing all walks of life just how incredible the human brain can be.

Having been victim of a hit-and-run that resulted in severe traumatic brain injury while riding a bicycle in 2006, Markgraf knows all too well what the brain is capable of… and what it almost wasn’t. After laying comatose for half a month with a dismal outlook for recovery given by his doctors, Doug awoke and surprised everyone with his desire to return to life.  While rehabilitation specialists worked to get Doug back to a functional lifestyle, he worked to regain his own sport: cycling.

“If I can ever ride my bike again, I’m going to ride as far as I possibly can,” Doug would tirelessly proclaim to his family.

And he did.  After finishing his occupational, speech and physical therapies and earning his B.S. in Teacher Education from Drexel University, he spent his first free months riding -solo- from San Francisco to the New Jersey coast. While pedaling the continent, Doug showed doctors, brain injury survivors and anyone he spoke with that “There is hope” after trauma to the brain.

Spanning 2,500 miles, Doug will have hundreds of cyclists join him for legs of his 2014 ‘Survivor + Science‘ tour along the This route is preliminary and may change slightly.southbound east coast.  Along his route, the journey will accomplish far-reaching goals:

  • To meet with TBI survivors working through their therapies and recoveries, showing them that hope does exist for regaining former lives
  • To highlight the most advanced knowledge of the human brain and its ability to survive trauma – reporting the amazing work being carried out at industry-leading universities, hospitals and centers across the USA and how it is changing our perception of the world
  • To inspire and aid brain injury rehabilitation specialists and administrators across the USA to align their strategies/procedures; drastically enhancing brain injury survivors’ successes

Across 15  state borders, Doug will meet with hospitals, research facilities, universities, rehabilitation centers, brain injury associations, and support groups in order to accomplish his goals.

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