Come to the Fair… For a Free Helmet?!

Don’t Miss Out! This Wednesday, March 20th 5-8pm!

The Franklin Institute Science Museum is a treasure trove of exciting exhibits that will always hold the interest of this kid-minded adult. With a full-size locomotive, a complete planetarium, the fuselage of a fighter plane, a walk-through giant heart, and room after room of wondrous scientific, touchable adventures, the Franklin continues to inspire new generations of engineers, scientists, and game-changers.

This Wednesday, for this month’s FREE Target Community Night, visitors will have an added bonus: the opportunity to touch a brain (well, not without gloves), test reaction times, build their own brain axons, see how helmets protect brains (and yes, by breaking eggs), and of course, get fitted for and receive a FREE bike helmet!


The Brain Safety Fair: This event is provided by the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania (BIAPA) along with COBI and Moss Rehabilitation Hospital, and will be an excellent event for community members to meet caring professionals (posing as outstanding event volunteers) and learn about their most important part of the body: the brain.

Nobody wants to lose the ability to walk, to remember a name, or (appropriately) ride a bicycle… So wear that helmet. And if you do not own one, take advantage of this FREE opportunity to be fitted and trained to use one!

Project Mend the Mind’s founder Doug Markgraf will be at this year’s Brain Safety Fair, too! Look for him in his bright yellow ‘This Beats a Coma’ shirt, explaining how his helmet saved his life.

 This Beats a Coma‘, a documentary highlighting Doug’s recovery from a hit-and-run car-vs-bicycle accident, subsequent coma, and the inspiring 3,000-mile bicycle trek to raise awareness of brain injuries and their effects, will be shown as part of the event.  Click here to see the trailer! 

  We hope to see you there! Perhaps you’ll take a moment out of your giant heart exploration time to say hello and learn about what makes your ability to walk, run, play XBox, and ride a bicycle possibleIt’ll be worth it! 


Registration will take place on the First Floor beginning at 5:00PM. Please enter The Franklin Institute through the Business Entrance located to the right of the main stairs on 20th Street and proceed to Lunchroom A. Admission is free but registration is required.

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