Mid-Michigan Brain Injury Symposium – Responses!

Last month was a busy month for me. I spoke at the New York State OASAS Addiction and Brain Injury Conference as well as the Mid-Michigan Brain Injury Symposium! I am glad to be able to let you all know how well they went… Here’s what people had to say about my keynote presentation at the :awesome: Origami Rehabilitation Center in East Lansing, MI:

  • Very motivational.  Great insight from a survivor’s perspective.
  • Very cool- amazing how great of a speaker/teacher he is despite short/long term memory loss.
  • Very entertaining.  Good inspiration- wish more survivors were in attendance.
  • Kudos to Doug for his hard work that has led to such a nice recovery.
  • Awesome!
  • The videos were very helpful and well-timed to maintain interest.
    • Very interesting and inspiring!
    • Nice job—keep riding.
    • He did a very good job at helping us all “get it.”
    • Great speaker with an amazing attitude.
    • Loved the presentation. Loved the videos—very powerful.
    • Great presenter.
    • This was by far my favorite presentation. Doug was lively and engaging.
    • Doug was very moving and encouraging.
    • Awesome!
    • Doug did a great job!
    • Dynamic, inspiring, and a nice way to start the event.
    • Positive!
    • Very powerful and uplifting! Thank you!
    • Great presentation. Good representation.
    • Very nice job! Great information!
    • What an inspiration—he makes me want to be a better nurse!
    • Great job! Thank you for sharing and advocating.
    • Inspirational speaker!
    • Enjoyed the videos. Thank you for sharing your story and perspective.
    • Doug did a good job! Very cool.
    • Excellent!
    • Good audience interaction. Kept people focused.
    • Excellent key note speaker.
    • Loved his presentation.
    • Thank you for the videos!  Excited to see the documentary.  Thanks for the honesty.
    • Loved the video presentations
    • Wonderful, enjoyed Doug’s presentation very much.
    • Enjoyed your video clips.  What an inspirational story!
    • Great presentation!  Very engaging and inspiring.
    • Great speaker!
    • Excellent presentation and speaker.  Very inspirational!
    • Dynamic speaker!
    • Great presentation!  Your progress gives hope to so many others.  Looking forward to checking out your blog.  I was specifically interested in how you handle remaining challenges, AND to see you use strategies during the presentation and to use them so well.
    • What a great presentation.  It’s great to see brain injury survivors continue on with their new life and overcoming challenges.
    • Awesome speaker!

      I’m beaming. Thanks, Michigan!!!!  

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One Response to Mid-Michigan Brain Injury Symposium – Responses!

  1. dre christian says:

    KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! YOUR Friends DRE and KRISTIN*****Wishing You Happiness and Success On Your New Journey!!!!What a Wonderful BLog!!!!!

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