Update! Update!


Many things have been progressing wonderfully in the past week. Some things are worth sharing, and others will have to be kept a surprise for now… I’m excited for the events that are coming up very soon.

On the new front, I must announce: I have finally decided on a project/foundation to officially and wholeheartedly improve the brain injury landscape. The goals are many:

  •  To raise awareness of challenges, disabilities, and common themes related to brain injury
  •  To promote research of the most effective ways to improve recovery and prevention
  • To instill hope and a sense of unity in those whose lives have been forever changed as a result of a brain injury
  • To explore and work diligently to ensure that everyone receives lifesaving medical services after sustaining a brain injury

This new initiative will, from this point further, be known as Project Mend The Mind I’m working tirelessly to begin promoting and initiating actions for my new project! First up: http://www.mendthemind.org!  The new website will act as a new location for everyone to keep up to date in terms of what is going on, what they can look forward to, a place for celebrating accomplishments, information, and even will [hopefully] be a hosting site for the documentary and related videos.  Keep checking back here for more up-to-date information! 

Don’t forget! We are just weeks away from the This Beats a Coma Premiere, the Mend The Mind Expo, and the Philadelphia Head Injury Ride for Recovery! June 30th, 9:30 (Ride), Noon (Expo), and 1pm (Screening)!   Get yourself to the Ambler Theater by train, automobile, foot, or by bicycle! 

Last Update:  This past Thursday, I traveled west (by air, sadly) to be keynote speaker at the Brain Injury Symposium of Mid-Michigan! My one-word review of the experience: enlightening! 

I’m really just so blown away by how everyone I met was so warm, welcoming, and determined to help those recovering from TBI. From my new, amazing friend Dave (of Embassy Transportation) to Jennifer Pascoe (and EVERYONE else at Origami Rehabilitation), to every one of the speakers, I shared my story while silently being humbled by everyone around me.  I came home with another bicycle helmet signed by some really great attendees (Thanks Chad, for writing ‘Get a Job!” on it) and I thought it was just so amusing to discuss online dating with my lunchtime table buddies.

I received a bunch of requests for the documentary and told everyone that they should check this website for information about how to get a copy… Well, the truth is, I realized that you will still have to wait until after June 30th, when we have the official Premiere of the video. As soon as (although likely not till July 2nd) July 1st, you should start checking out http://www.thisbeatsacoma.com, http://www.mendthemind.org, and this blog site for ways to get a copy or view it online!   In the meantime, I can offer you this…. Below, you will see a form. Sign your name, and mailing information, and phone number, and you might be able to get it sooner. I hope so!

This Beats A Coma – Request Form

Have a great one! Check back for more information and smiles, k?


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