‘This Beats a Coma’ Documentary Premiere, Expo, and Ride!

You have been looking forward to watching the documentary for months. But, you’ve waited patiently, knowing that a video that takes more time to produce than it does to bicycle 3256 miles has to be amazing. One word overheard after watching this documentary: “INSPIRING” !

This is NOT your ‘standard’ documentary screening… It’s 3 events all wrapped up into one!

Premiere Details

Date & Time: Saturday, June 30th @ 1:00pm
Location: The Ambler Theater
108 E. Butler Avenue, Ambler Pennsylvania 19002
Cost of Admission: $5/ticket (goes towards brain injury care, advocacy and research, 501c3)

After the screening, Producer Scott Richardson, Doug Markgraf, and potential guests will speak and participate in a Q & A session. You will not want to miss this!

2012 ‘Mend the Mind’ Brain Injury Recovery & Revitalization

Prior to the screening, attendees, brain injury rehabilitation specialists, researchers, psychologists, athletes, sports equipment suppliers, and brain injury associations will have the ability to connect and educate each other about current technology, ideology, and initiatives that those recovering can utilize to help mend injuries.

For the Mend the Mind Expo, groups and individuals are encouraged to arrive at the venue early to enjoy the company of like-minded individuals who seek to promote brain injury recovery via active lifestyle choices and the most advanced rehabilitation and scientific methods.

Date & Time: Saturday, June 30th @ 12:00pm
Location: The Ambler Theater
108 E. Butler Avenue, Ambler Pennsylvania 19002
Cost of Admission:
Free! ($5 admission to screening still applies)
We are currently seeking more groups/organizations/companies to be a part of the expo. Send us an email for more information.
Raffle tickets for bicycle helmets, gear, DVDs, equipment, and services will be available! Tickets will be drawn following the Q & A session of the screening.

Event Sponsors:

3rd-Annual Head Injury Ride for Recovery

Now in its third year, the Philadelphia Head Injury Ride for Recovery (Formerly Raisin Hope in Philadelphia) will set itself to prove a new motto: riding from Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park to Ambler, Pennsylvania (and back?) really does ‘beat a coma’!

Date & Time: Saturday, June 30th @ 9:30 am
Starting Location: Sedgely Rd & Lemon Hill Drive, Philadelphia PA
Distance options:
To the theater:
– 18 miles, rolling hills and safe roads, 1 rest stop
– 30 miles, more rolling hills, more challenges, 1 rest stop
Back to Philadelphia options:
– Ride 20 miles, via Conshohocken and the Schuylkill River Trail
– Catch a ride on SEPTA from the nearby Ambler Train Station, arriving at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station (1 mile from Lemon Hill)

Cost of the Ride: $10 suggested
What’s required to bring: Helmet! Bicycle!
What’s provided: Cue sheets, Support & Guidance (SAG) Vehicle for repair and aid, pre- and post-ride snacks, 1 rest stop, large quantities of smiles

We look forward to seeing you at the event! Online tickets and registration will be coming VERY soon. Check back soon.

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2 Responses to ‘This Beats a Coma’ Documentary Premiere, Expo, and Ride!

  1. jwink3101 says:

    For those of us who will not be able to make it to Ambler then, will this be posted online or something where we can [pay to] watch it?

  2. Markgraf says:

    Yes. More information regarding this will be coming very soon. We are working on the best method of distributing/presenting this video to as many people as possible right now. I :think: you’ll have to wait until after the premiere to see it online, but those who donated to DougTrails will have the opportunity to see it sooner (if they are not attending the premiere)!

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