Philadelphia Marathon!!


I’m excited to be able to share some key details about tomorrow’s 2011 Philadelphia Marathon and how you can be part of the action. Now, I’m aware that the event is VERY soon and chances are, you’ll be sleeping until I finish the event, but in the event that you’re not, you really should look into how I’m making out. Call it a ‘mini-DougTrails extravaganza’ if you will.

If you’d like to get texts when I cross the checkpoints around the course, telling you how I’m doing with speed and distance, sign up at this website!

Of course, you will need some pretty key information just to be part of the fun. So, here goes nothing…

Runner #: 904
Event: Full Marathon (26.2 miles)
Start time: 7:00 am EST
Planned finish time: 3:10
Starting Corral: Maroon
Craziness factor: 11 out of 10

I encourage any of you who have Google Latitude signed up with me to follow me at the street-level on their computers and phones, too. I’ll be running with my phone strapped to my arm, so I’ll be updated there too. You can try to click the ‘Current Location’ link above and perhaps that’ll update to a level that you can track me. But, unlikely.

My Goal: To finish the marathon and qualify for the elite- and much revered Boston Marathon, a very difficult task. Do I think I’ll make it happen? I’m hoping! Having rode across the US, through so many challenges, puts me in a great mindset that should jumpstart me: This Beats a Coma!

The shirts are in:



So, WISH ME LUCK! I’ll update after all the adrenaline fades, and I complete the marathon in good time!  Look forward to photos!


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