There’s Still Plenty Looming on the Horizon


I hope all of you are doing fantastic and that the regular, everyday movement of life has you as awestruck as it does me. And make sure to remind yourself (or verify for yourself..) that everything you do has purpose for the future.

That being said, I am almost back to being fully engrossed in my everyday life (that does not include bike touring, sadly): teaching kids how to enjoy designing, creating, and testing new mechanisms and structures and robotic devices.  But there’s hardly sadness in the fact that I’m back to regular life- instead, I ought to view it as a new challenge for me. That is, after you spend weeks upon weeks of time where the unpredictable is in fact, predictable, being able to plan a full week’s events and goals and tasks is a luxury one actually doesn’t value the same way. My mind is still poised at the long term, or at least, the horizon. Which, as I came to find, you never actually reach at. And thus, I smile.

I’m constantly rewriting my mission statement for life and work and play – so I wanted to let you all know where and what my goals are; they continue to involve the purpose of this site: brain injury. Woo!

Goals & Ideas (work in progress):

  • I’m running the Philadelphia Marathon on December 20 – I plan to design and wear a shirt that says, “This beats a coma!” .  Just the other day I had the idea of trying to raise some funds for a local brain injury rehabilitation program at the same time.  What say you? 
  • I’m beginning to get myself lined up to work with the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania, helping them with their mission to improve the lives of those who sustain and live with the devastating effects of traumatic brain injury
  • 2 or 3 brain injury conferences to speak at in the coming Spring!  
  • There’ll be another article about me in a medical magazine coming out shortly – I’ll update you when it’s published. 
  • The documentary about my summer’s mission is still in the works- keep waiting! 
  • Higher Education – that’s all I’ll mention at this time about that.
  • My Bike Club is now wearing helmets that were donated thanks to the Sweetwater County Brain Injury Support Group – I hope to give away all the helmets and train kids how to wear them properly before long!
  • What am I doing this summer??  You tell me.

I was spurred to write this post because a former teacher and (now) friend of mine sent me a link to an article written by a recently-completed touring cyclist as well.  This 57-year-old man rode 4100 miles this past summer, beginning on the West coast and finishing in NYC. Read his article about what it means to finish this kind of adventure and you’ll have another perspective on my outlook on what it’s like to expect the unexpected and the long-winded. I most aptly align with Bruce’s sentiments as are written on page three of his soliloquy (and that it is). 

Keep roaring and rarin’! I’ll keep building ladders to the sky in hopes of reaching that horizon~


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One Response to There’s Still Plenty Looming on the Horizon

  1. What am I doing this summer?? You tell me.

    You could always ride/hike/camp your way up the Appalachian Trail. I bet there are some TBI survivors who would love to come with you.

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