It’s time to look back!

Hi everyone!

I have spent a lot of time trying to place the memories and thoughts and hopes that made my journey so special into the absolutely most accessible and lasting places in my brain. You know, it’s actually possible to do this… You just need to get to the point of analyzing what types of memories you remember most vividly and why it got to be that way… and then bam- you’re a memory pro.  Just a fact (while we’re on the subject) – human memory is all relative and our ability to remember relies on how many connections we have between each memory. Ironically, it’s hard for me to attach a time signature to my memories; I have a hard time telling you if I saw you on Monday or yesterday.

Purpose of this post: to add some more photos that are really special to me. Maybe they’ll become special to you as well!

This recap of awesome photos will continue in posts to come. So keep visiting this site to see views of what’ll always be such fond memories!

Talk to you soon? I hope so!


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