DougTrails’ :Official: Tour Distance

It’s finally in! I got out my calculator, finally, and added up all the daily statistics to give you a final number of miles for the DougTrails TBI Tour.

How much did I ride??

3,256 miles    [feel free to round that up to 3300, k?]

Each and every one of those miles couldn’t have happened without help and support and smiles from MANY different people. Each and every one of you, thank you. I’m running out of time right now (have to get to school/work), but I plan on listing as many of the names as possible.  I can’t wait! Thank you again.


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One Response to DougTrails’ :Official: Tour Distance

  1. margo says:

    Wahoo! U rock! Saw u riding on Kelly drive, Monday in khakis –
    New sports wear! Lol. I gave your name/blog to other families in the
    i.c.u for courage/hope

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