Day 52: Mountville, PA


Welcome to day 52. Unfortunately, I have nothing witty to say about the number 52. But hey, I’m still full of wit regardless. I swear.

I just thought the whole idea is hilarious- here’s a guy who calls himself Mister Ed, has an elephant museum, and appears to like to wear pajamas at work. I dare someone to say hi to him! Route 30 in PA!

Departure: Chambersburg, PA @ 10:00am
Arrival: Mountville, PA @ 7:00pm
Distance: 70 miles
Weather: calm, a little hot
Terrain: Have you ever made plastic Tupperware get melted and bubbly in the microwave? Like that.
Riding days remaining: 2!
Brain injury groups to meet yet: 2
Happiness factor after stepping foot in a Sheetz gas station/quick mart: 1.1/1
(Sheetz is cooler than Casey’s in the Midwest, Wawa in the East, everything)

It’s time for a video update:

The last final part:
I’m in Eastern PA! I crossed my favorite river in PA, which tells me I’m almost home: the Susquehanna River.


Tomorrow: to Philadelphia!! I get to sleep in my own bed! and to ride into town with members of the Drexel University cycling team, and friends, and (fingers crossed) a reporter/writer.

Friday morning: to the University of Pennsylvania’s hospital (known affectionately as HUP to us Philly people) to speak with families and survivors and media and finally, researchers. I’m ecstatic! I know theres been competition for which state has great care and facilities for brain injury… I wonder how PA stacks up, in my humble opinion. I trust you all: I’m still very critical with professionals. Expect suggestions, HUP!

Stay safe, wear a helmet. And if it strikes your fancy, wear a cape too. Onward & upward!


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One Response to Day 52: Mountville, PA

  1. Tim B says:

    Hi Doug!
    Amazing after all the riding and being tired you could hang upside down from the shower curtain to film the last video! Very impressive!

    It has been fantastic following you and your posts are funny, thought provoking, but most importantly, educational in terms of some of the issues you have to deal with because of your injury. My entire family will all be looking forward to seeing what you have on the horizon for how you can continue your educational and informational efforts on behalf of TBI and the importance of wearing helmets.

    We will all be there in spirit with you when you finish, I hope you know that. Is there a certain cocktail, beer, or wine we should have in your honor, or should we all bust out some Airheads, or whatever the heck those candy things are that you snarf on?


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