Day 51: Chambersburg, PA

Welcome to Day 51! Kind of like Area 51, but much more revealing, interesting, and with fewer aliens. Know what it’s got instead? Elephants.


Today’s statistics are 100% parent-approved:
Departure: Bedford, PA @ 11:00am
Arrival: Chambersburg, PA @ 6:30pm
Distance: 65 miles ( I believe )
Summits climbed: 3
Roads travelled: 1
Weather: sunny, breezy
Terrain: 3 large piles of chocolate chips that haven’t melted

I can’t believe it, I’ve nearly rode the entire length of the continent! Today was day 51 of the DougTrails tour. Just five more days. Yes, I think I must have miscounted the days. My final tour day, from Philadelphia, PA to Tom’s River, NJ is and has long been scheduled for this Sunday, August 21. And so it shall be! Leaving from East Falls in Philadelphia at 8am, I expect to arrive in Tom’s River by 2:00pm. Expect a number of VERY important posts shortly after that time! I can’t wait to celebrate, virtually and physically with all of you.


I started the day in complete craziness. Of course, there’s always craziness with things I do, but I had my own challenge given to me: I couldn’t find my keys! For the past weeks on the road, I’ve been carrying my keys (with a leatherman knife attached) in one of my jersey pockets, so that I could retain a bit of normalcy. And yeah, to lock up my bike, too. Anyways, I couldn’t find them this morning, in the hotel room. So I ransacked and freaked out, and finally, I gave up. Phone calls have been made, but with no luck. Oh darn, but I’ll do ok without my keys. I think. Oh, brain injury’s effects; poor memory and lessened awareness when fatigued!


Mountains. The last leg. Today’s three climbs, mixed into the 65 miles, have made my legs only slightly like jell-o. Very tired, I am. The climbs got successively harder, with the last one just killing me. Oh, and I did all of these before eating lunch at 3:30, too. Very cool thing: upon reaching the Sideling hill summit, I saw a bike registry! The park has a log for bikers to sign at the top, to mark and make history. I was ecstatic to make my mark!



Feels good to relax now. On to Lancaster, PA tomorrow. Hello Amish country! I hope you all stay safe and fight for your goals and hopes. 🙂


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