Day 50: Bedford, PA


Riddle: What has two wheels, is human-powered, and a handlebar?
Answer: a scooter! I bet you thought I was talking about a bicycle, eh? (I think scooters are dinky but they’re still worthy.)


Statistics from today’s ride:
Departure: Greensburg, PA @ 9:00am
Arrival: Bedford, PA @ 6:00pm
Distance: 66 miles
Mountain Passes climbed: 2
Appalacian mountain passes remaining: 1
Weather: scattered rains, overcast, kinda chilly
Terrain: need I tell you?
Training trip friends saw again today: 2
Telephone interviews done today: 2


Yes. Milk rocks! This continues to be one of my favorite billboards. Today was yet another day full of riding and riding. The main point? Climbing! I did a lot of climbing, and what am Iost proud of? I hardly stopped before eating lunch at 1:45pm in Reel’s Corners. The steep grades were tough, but I found a nice pedaling groove, aided by listening to the Beastie Boys on Pandora radio.

The other really awesome thing about today was that I got to see people and places that I was already familiar with… The training I did for this mission was by riding from Philly to Pittsburgh, along much of the same route I’m doing now. So you bet, I get excited when I can say, ‘that hill was tough last time.” I’m so happy I could see April, who I met at the Subway in Reel’s Corners and Michelle, in Bedford Co. who was a huge help with finding a tire fix last time I rode this way. You guys rock!

Here’s some fun photos I took today. I hope you enjoyed my frequent tweets and posts today!






Stop. Freeze. Hammertime? Here’s another little detail about my brain injury: when I had woken from the coma and was in the rehabilitation hospital, I had difficulty processing my entire field of view. What do I mean? Well, simply, we only see what we acknowledge. So, my brain didn’t like to take note and record ‘pixels’ to my left. Imagine it for s moment, not being able to see someone next to you. Makes things interesting, right? How would you know if they were making funny faces at you?!? But seriously, your brain controls your idea, your understanding of the world around you… Don’t get lost!

I hope youve had a great day. After my day, I am exhausted. Thank heaven for caffeine! Tomorrow: to Chambersburg I go! I’ll be rolling into Philadelphia by Thursday evening, then I am meeting doctors, specialists, media and patients at the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania on Friday morning. I can’t wait!

Get ready and make sure to come to the Philadelphia DougTrails fundraiser event this Saturday night! See details above. Breaking news! We will be raffling off a road bicycle there! You better come, buy a ticket (or twenty), and have fun.

Happy Trails!

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One Response to Day 50: Bedford, PA

  1. Kirsten Jahn says:

    omg a road bike? eeeks!

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