Day 49: Greensburg, PA


A week ago, I was riding on flat ground, on roads with wide shoulders, and I thought I was ready for some more mountains.. Now? I can handle em but do I wish they’d be just an hour’s worth of riding? Yes!


The stats:
Departure: Florence, PA @ 10:10 am
Arrival: Greensburg, PA @ 7:00pm
Distance: 63 miles
Flat tires today: 1
Total flat tires: 15
Average % grade: feels like 5%
Weather: cool, but horrible rain in the morning!

So yeah, it was just one o’ those transportation days. But! I had a complete crew, filming and giving me support as I rode through Pittsburgh! So glad you came to the Burgh, Dan, Jen, Scott, Kir, Haroon, and Steph!



The rain was scary.. It hurt my eyes, especially with glasses on. But it passed quicky, so that was fine. Moving forward still, I made it to Carson Street (837) in Pittsburgh and did some more filming for the documentary, then said goodby to all of the crew but Steph. Now, let’s be clear: riding is second nature to me by now. So before I knew it, I was at the crucial street: the Lincoln highway! This will guide me over the mountains and toward Philly. Right before I crossed the Manongahela river, I got flat 14. Eww.

But then I rode. And rode more. Made it to Greensburg by 7pm and decided to call it quits! So my SAG crew and I have a double bedroom here in Greensburg.

Tomorrow will be rough!

Reminder: come to the fundraiser and meet me on Saturday night in Philly!

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One Response to Day 49: Greensburg, PA

  1. Kirsten Jahn says:

    Yay! It was so awesome seeing you do your thing. Hopefully I wasn’t too annoying with the car! See you this weekend!

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