Day 48: Florence, PA (rest)


I hope your days been great! My day’s been a real ride. Pun intended, since I didn’t actually do any riding… Er, well, no real forward progress.


I woke up at Raccoon Creek State Park, in my tent, and started my day relaxingly and slowly. Why? I have friends! My friend Haroon shared the campsite with me, having arrived very late last night. We had the :first: campfire of my tour going, and it was fun to joke about things and update my longtime friend – in real time. Soon after, my friends who are making the documentary and are getting married soon, Scott and Kir, arrived at the site and the jokes continued- into the ad-libbed documentary interview! We did some filming before heading to The Children’s Institute, and I got the chance to show old friends just how slow I ride my bicycle. The documentary is coming along great!


Got over to the Children’s Institute in Pittsburgh by about 12:15 and was welcomed by staff and people by the sign you saw above! There, I got to meet and talk with lots of former patients and present doctors and therapists at their annual ABI picnic! I gave a short speech to everyone, telling them my goals and hopes, and in general, told them all how great they’re doing. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to meet lots of the kids and their families, and we could all share our stories and goals. Kids: wear your helmets!


CI (children’s institute) has a few unique things I want to point out! First, theyve got some really awesome therapists and psychologists, who I had the chance to meet. They have a garden that’s interactive, encouraging kids to make benches play sound or fountains spray water. The best thing I saw that they have:


It’d be amazing if every hospital had people helping make sure that patients get everything they need to fully recover!

Coming soon: I’ll soon add things about the great time I had at the Pittsburgh fundraiser! Thanks, BikeTek Pittsburgh!


Be right back!

[Expanded Post!]
At 6:00pm, after I got my bike updated with a new chain and cogset (to be safe in my last mountain passes) I was at the OTB Bicycle Cafe for the Pittsburgh Fundraiser event. This was set up and planned by an awesome braintrust member, Steph. Excellent event! I had a blast talking bikes with lots of people there. And there were even some people that came who merely read about the event in a bicycle coalition newsletter. By 9pm, I was exhausted. Thanks. Everybody!


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One Response to Day 48: Florence, PA (rest)

  1. Stephanie Morgan says:

    Doug, it was so nice to meet you at the Children’s Institute. Your story really inspired the kids there! Good luck on the rest of your travels 🙂

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