Day 47: Florence, PA


I made it to Pennsylvania! So this isn’t just a new state for this tour… It’s my home state! You can imagine, I’m glad I’ve made it almost the whole way home! I’ve just got about 365 more miles to get to Philadelphia from where I stopped today. Florence is only about 10 miles after the western border of PA.


Departure: Piedmont, OH @ 8:10am
Arrival: Florence, PA @ 5:00pm
Distance: 64 miles
Weather: cool, gusts of wind
Terrain: hilly
Flats today: 2
Flats total: 14

Don’t ask me what those flats are about… Very disheartening, they were! It really didn’t help that I was on highway 22 when I got them. Threes a good chance the flats were from glass and metal. Both of them with nearly no shoulder, cars going past at 60mpg, and nobody liked me being there. Ok, so I did get a couple of thumbs ups but many more looks of scorn and honking. When I got odd the highway, I breathed a huge sigh of relief for my ability to be alive.


Aside from the flats, hills, dislike of cyclists, the ride today was same-old. But! The scenery is so green! I love it!


When I was stopping at a crossroads, guess who showed up: my parents! They were unbelievably excited to see me again and definitely made me feel welcome in PA. They took me to dinner and then helped me get settled at a campground.. So here I am now.


I can’t wait to meet a group in Pittsburgh to get talking about brain injury! I look forward to a really fun picnic!

If you’re in Pittsburgh and free tomorrow night (Saturday), come out to the fundraiser event at OTC bar and meet me! I dare you. See the details at the link above.

Thanks for reading! See you soon!


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One Response to Day 47: Florence, PA

  1. Jeanette says:

    Congratulations on making it back to Pennsylvania!

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