Day 46: Piedmont, OH


I hope that your Thursday was good- and resolute. We should always strive for the ability to get exactly what we say we’ll do, done. And with no being wibbly-wobbly! (I might have written my suggestion with the resolve to say wibbly-wobbly.)


Today’s stats:
Departure: Kirkersville, OH @ 8:00am
Arrival: Piedmont, OH @ 6:00pm
Distance: 82 miles
Weather: calm and cool
Terrain: hilly
Donations received today: 3
Days remaining: 9
TBI talks still to do: at least 3

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood… I actually had a few diverging road choices today, on today’s 80+ mile journey. The trees came. The hills came. Finally, I came to a stopping point at the town following Smyrna.

This town is very friendly! Makes me very glad. I’m camped outside of an inn, because the inn is all booked up and rented. The manager’s cool though!

Today’s ride involved lots of stopping, but I made my goal and that’s all that matters. I have 60 or 70 miles to do before I stop at a park to do some ‘campIng’. After roughing it and sleeping whereever I can, sleeping somewhere I have to pay just doesn’t cut it.

Last thing- I really enjoyed getting back to the hills today. Why?? You ask.. I think not knowing when terrain will change (up, down, left, right) is exciting- I seriously (and proudly) climb hills just to see what’s coming after! It’s rare that I stop on an uphill. I’m :resolute: that it won’t feel as good to stop until all the climbing’s done.

Tomorrow: Pennsylvania! Be safe!

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