Day 45: Kirkersville, OH

Hello there.

Woo, day 45 complete! Talk about a cool number- now I have just ten more days left. That’s 2 work-weeks worth, or better yet, less than a week and a half! I can even start the countdown using just my 10 fingers. In mileage, I have just 605 miles left. Piece of cake. Okay, be silent… There might be one more mountain range in those 605 miles, somewhere, but I’ll grit my teeth some more. It’s what I do.


Today’s stats:
Departure: Springfield, OH @ 10:15am
Arrival: Kirkersville, OH @ 9:15pm
Distance: 65 miles
Weather: even cooler than yesterday
Wind: tailwind!

The riding today was just incredibly easy- the kind of difficulty level that’d prompt a worker to wonder why he/she was getting paid at all. Winds just pushed me all day, eastward.

My main goal, if you remember from last post, was to get to Columbus. Well, I did, then got back to business. In Columbus, I had the opportunity to meet with the brain injury association of Ohio. There, I got to meet its staff and talk about my mission and our similar goals. One thing that I think is excellent that the BIAOH is doing is how they are giving a big push to their clients to enroll and use aid provided by vocational rehab of Ohio. This is just like Pennsylvania’s OVR, which was elemental in getting back to driving and my college career, post-accident. I can’t say it enough: get as much help as possible for your loved one or yourself after a brain injury; the aid’s out there. Thanks, Suzanne, for the late lunch/early dinner and a really great overview of your experience with the BIA! Here’s a photo of Dan and I, who is a part of the BIAOH and also a fellow cyclist:



After leaving the restaurant, I took the opportunity to enjoy more of the tailwind- tacked on 20 more miles and ended in Kirkersville. I seriously made this town my stopping point because they have a nice cemetery. And my idea was not without merit- it was the calmest cemetery I’ve slept in yet! I search for cemeteries to do my stealth camping in because they’re probably the most cleanly and least-visited public lands that you can find.

Here’s the tentage:



Today, I’m veering off of route 40 at Cambridge, OH to take route 22 in a northeast direction towards Pittsburgh. I’ll do about 80 miles, fingers crossed.

Happy trails!

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2 Responses to Day 45: Kirkersville, OH

  1. jerzeygal says:

    Be strong, you ar eriding for so many of us. To say you are an inspiration would be to trivialize your journey, your mission and the importance of your cause. Eleven years post TBI I still struggle every day. While my struggles are few, compared to others with more severe injuries, they continue to impact me, my husband, and the rest of my family. I am no longer the I was was before I awoke on the steering wheel of my car that night. You are in our thoughts and prayers and we watch you from the Tampa/St. Petersburg area.

    Cathy Bandy

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