Day 44: Springfield, OH


Yes, that’s right, a new state!

I really like this photo. Scroll down for a few more cool ones.

Today’s stats:
Departure: Pennville, IN @ 7:30am
Arrival: Springfield, OH @ 5:30pm
Distance: 71 miles
Terrain: slightly rolling
Weather: calm and cool, tailwind!
Enjoyment factor: 1/1

So today was a day of conquering distance. I typically expect days like today to be lonesome and solo, especially seeing as I sometimes don’t even know where I will stop. Not today! As is standard, I made some new friends here and there, but saw someone I actually knew today!

But let’s not get ahead of the story.. Simple and straightforward, today’s ride was very easy. The tailwind made it fun! I rolled northeast on US 40 towards Columbus, Ohio and decided that Springfield was a great stopping point. It’s a shame, I have just 40 miles from today’s stop-point to Columbus OH.. Maybe I’ll be able to ride after tomorrow’s meet with the Brain Injury Association of OH at OSU medical center. It’s some 180 miles between Columbus and Pittsburgh!

Shortly after I stopped in Springfield, my friend from Elko, NV found me sitting on a curb outside a gas station! Back when we met in NV at a computer store, Dustin told me that he would be driving to Virginia later in the summer- and ghat we might cross paths again. He was true to his word! It was amazing seeing someone I had already met while in a completely new city. Dustin and I had dinner (buffalo wings) and we caught back up. Dustin raised the bar even higher, and sponsored the hotel that I’m currently preparing to sleep at! Thanks so much, Dustin! I can’t wait to show you around Philadelphia- we’ll shoot for the Philly marathon in November! That is, of course, if the 3rd metatarsal in my left foot isn’t sprained or broken.

Dustin points to his name on my bike frame.

Me and Dustin:


And finally, here are your photos for fun:



One more shoutout: thanks to Tonya and Sondra who donated some shampoo today! Is that another hint that I smell bad? Haha

Get ready for more awesome stuff! Safe trails!


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One Response to Day 44: Springfield, OH

  1. Tonya says:

    HI Doug !!!!!!!
    I am so glad to here you are staying dry tonight !! So thought of you when the storms came through tonight !!!! Aw.. Sweetie you are so welcome for the shampoo ! LOL No we didnt think that at all just so very much wanted to do somethings for you on this long and wonderful Jounery you are on !!! Thinking of you always your other MOMS here in OHIO !!! Cant wait to read more of your Jounery !!!!!! BIG HUGS !!!!

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