Day 43: Pennville, IN


Another exciting day on the DougTrails tour, I promise you! Here’s your single-words synopsis of the fun: Indianapolis, RHI, raisin hope, riding, rain, tentage. Keep reading for the explanation to that gibberish, all will be told.


Once again, thanks to Nikki for giving me a place to lay my head last night!

Departure: Indianapolis, IN @ 1:35pm
Arrival: Pennville, IN @ 9:30pm
Distance: 64 miles
Weather: hot, then rainy
Terrain: very mild hills if any
Cheesesteaks eaten: 1

Freeze, please. Please freeze. (I have wet knees..) What’s something I still struggle with as a result of my brain injury? Aside from poor memory, mental fatigue gets me. I’ve talked about this before; towards the end of today’s meeting at Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI), check out their website at I found myself unable to really engage in meaningful conversation, because I had spent a few hours overclocking it while speaking with the tons of important people there. It was relaxing, giving my brain s rest when I got back on the bike.

There are so many things I can say about RHI! Before anything else, I must say that everyone there is incredibly friendly. I hadn’t scheduled to meet anyone at RHI- I just walked in and asked to speak with someone with regards to brain injury, unannounced and still in cycling gear. But, just like with OWL, people liked what I am doing enough to change their mornings around! Thanks to the RHI Research Coordinator for being my guide and major help at the hospital! I was also thrilled to hear about and meet two renowned brain injury researchers/doctors, Dr. James Malec and Dr. Flora Hammond. They are currently in the thick of researching and developing new medicines to control anxiety and and new and improved ways of making sure patients know who to call and what to do after the first hospital discharge, among others.


RHI has been working to heal brain injury for about ten Yeats now- here’s something I hadn’t seen before in their physical therapy gym:

A practice-car! With this, patients can prepare to get used go being and getting into the car, on either side. It totally reminded me of the car bed that we all wanted when we were little. One last thing: I met a fellow Raisin Hope member, Tim! Tim had his injury when he was racing his bike roughly 1.5 years ago, and Saul’s story has been very helpful to him though his recovery. It was a real honor to meet you, Tim, and let’s keep in contact!

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One Response to Day 43: Pennville, IN

  1. Tim Brown says:

    Hey Doug,
    Thinking about you often and following you along the way. It sounds like a very productive day in Indy. You are a true inspiration.


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