Day 42: Indianapolis, IN

Hey everybody!

I hope that your Sundays were really fun and relaxing and you got things done that you wanted to get done. During the school year, Sundays always end up being days that I do a run and then get lots of grading or planning done. That’ll happen soon enough.

Today’s awesome statistics:
Departure: Danville, IL @ 10:00am
Arrival: Indianapolis, IN @ 7:30pm
Today’s distance: 76 miles
Flats: 0
Weather: hot & humid (but not unbearable)
Wind: tailwind (kinda)
Gameplan: stop once every 3 towns

Go 341! Had to represent somehow.

Today was a riding day, through and through. I started at the easternmost town in Illinois, and rode all the way to the center of Indiana. It feels good, with these states in the eastern US being so much narrower than say, Wyoming. There are still farms all over the place, but you know what else Indiana has lots of? Trees! The scenery is beginning to look more and more like my home state, Pennsylvania.

With that being said, I must also say that each new terrain and landscape requires me to alter my own strategies for riding. On I-80 in the western states, I focused on the distant scenery and would motivate myself by billboards and upcoming rest/service stops. In Nebraska, I motivated myself with trains rolling past, and water towers in the distances. Now, I have to change my thinking again, since trees block my view of upcoming towns and hills, well, are hills. So far I use mile markers and signs.

Here’s a fun one:

I joke and like to imagine that was written by a fellow touring cyclist who got sick of being woken up to sprinkler water in the middle of the night. But I wouldn’t know anything about that, right?

The riding today was just fine. The wind was, for the most part, at my back. Middle of the journey, I half-loved and half-cringed when there were dark clouds overhead. It never rained so I was happy, and the colder air that resided below those clouds had me happily pedaling.

I made it to Speedway, the part of Indianapolis that is home to (you guessed it) the Indianapolis Speedway. Haven’t seen the track yet, but we’ll see. I got in, checked the map and realized that I could relax, eat dinner, and search for where I’d sleep comfortably. I made my way towards an elementary school to set up camp there as soon as it grew dark, but figured I’d stop at a pub to make friends and relax beforehand. There, I had a good convo with an ambitious charity-fundraising motorcyclist and met Angie, Freddy and Nikki. Fun time joking around with some crazy people, and before I knew it, I had a bed to sleep on for the night! Thanks so much, Nikki! Keep up with those 3 jobs!

Tomorrow, I’m heading over to the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana to see about talking with some survivors and rehab specialists! I didn’t contact them beforehand, so we’ll see how this goes.
Fingers crossed! This hospital is very well regarded, so I’m hoping to learn and see some new things there.

That’s about it for day 42! Day 43? I’d like to cross into Ohio, in about 70 miles. Can I make it happen? With the cap’n? And very little nappin’?

See you tomorrow!


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