Day 40: Le Roy, IL


Some roads we travel down just continue to branch off into further choices and opportunities.. On this journey and mission, I keep being reminded of this. Keep reading for what I mean here.

Departure: Hanna City, IL @ 7:00am
Arrival: Le Roy, IL @ 7:00pm
Distance: 70 miles
Temperature: 88 degF
Wind: Negligible
Terrain: Warped baking pan
Survivors met: about ten

Today was a really fun day- I’m going to skip today’s brain injury factoids and just talk a bit more about my day. Hope that’s okay with you!

So this morning, I said goodbye to Cricket Hess (Peoria Brain Injury Group president, awesome person) and Jennifer (her daughter who had a brain injury). Cricket: thank you for giving me an outrageously comfy bed, food, trips in a CAR(!), and introducing me to :lots: of amazing people, giving me a hard-to-beat experience here in Illinois. I didn’t have a clue what my day would be like, I just knew that Cricket had told Bloomington’s brain injury support group about me, and that I would be stopping with them sometime today. So I moved forward, southeast, following IL hwy 9.

Those of you following my tweets likely saw that my shifting problem got fixed wonderfully.. I was so happy. And I really did end up using all my gears, today..

Made it to Bloomington, a decent-sized city in IL by 1pm! So I relaxed and spoke on the phone until 3:30pm, when I was to head over to the Neuroscience Foundation of Central Illinois to meet doctors and the Bloomington support group.


The meeting was a ton of fun! Everyone was so excited to meet me and hear my story. The hospital even prepared for my arrival with balloons! And snacks, too. Im so glad that I could show this group that you CAN follow your dreams post-injury!

For photos of the event and to explore and learn more about the Central Illinois Neuroscience Foundation, go to this:



The group and their staff was very fun- here’s proof, with Jennifer getting ready to ride off on my bike!


Where am I staying? I got on the bike and jetted down RT 150 towards Farmer City, IL. But, I got stopped.. By Leslie’s mom, just getting into Le Roy! Leslie is a doctor at CINF I had met at just an hour previously; her mom pulled up next to me and paced me, saying, “stop at the Casey’s convenience store!”. Funny. Thank you, Kathy, for giving me an awesome dinner and a futon for the night!

The route I would take cross-country looked like it was very rigid and straight, when I set off 40 days ago. How’d it end up? The roads led me to people and places I had no clue even existed. I couldn’t be happier how everyone has helped show me this.

Tomorrow (today): riding at least 80 miles to Indiana!

Safety first!

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