Day 39: Hanna City, IL


If you could do anything, what would it be? I pray that it’d be something you’re positive and passionate about. I believe that we’re all driven by a passion or two, and we shouldn’t downplay them for even an instant.

Passion? Have I got it? We’ll let the judges decide! Just ask any one of my new TBI survivor friends, they’d know what it’s about.

Today’s stats:
Departure: Galesburg, IL @ 12:45pm
Arrival: Hanna City, IL @ 4:00pm
Distance: 42 miles
Temperature: 88 degF!
Terrain: like a warped tin sheet
Number of gears I couldn’t shift into: 9

Yet another whirlwind of a day! Do they all have to be like this? I suppose so. I hope you have realized this by now: I’m seriously on an important mission. I’m in the center of Illinois, and in a 24 hour time period, I’ve spoken with rehab specialists, caregivers, support group board members, rehabilitation administrators, news media, bike shop owners, hotel managers, and most crucially, Brain injury survivors. I wouldn’t change this for a heartbeat.

This morning, I went over to Winning Wheels with Cricket to pick up her daughter, Jen, from their long-term care facility. I got to meet their nurses, some therapists, and even their wood shop supervisor! So cool! Brain injury + dangerous power tools = my kind of place!


Short synopsis: today I got a ride by car back to the holiday inn that I stayed at 2 nights ago, so that I could finish the gap that I could have had due to having been picked up by car earlier. Come first hard hill, I was noticing my chain being unable to stay in gear when I was shifted into the little chainring.. Very frustrating! I’m a rolling bike shop, and tried to adjust the shifting but with no luck. So I called and set up another visit to Little Ade’s bike shop! They replaced the shift cable and housing and adjusted shifting, and it should work. Whew.

Finally, to cap the day, I got to sit in on the brain injury group of Peoria’s board meeting. Along with this, I got to meet some administrators, therapists, and a patient of the Sharon Healthcare Pines TBI program. Here’s a photo of an awesome, inspiring survivor Mark and I:


Here’s a sweet town sign to end the post with… Yes, I founded this town back in 1894. And yes, that was when men truly :could: be islands.


Ride, drive, and pogo-stick safely!

Once again, photos to be uploaded soon.

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2 Responses to Day 39: Hanna City, IL

  1. Hope Anderson says:

    Ya for winning wheels!!! Glad you got to see great things we have for out awesome residents!!! wished you could have stayed longer to visit!!

  2. charita says:

    Hey Doug!! This is the couple u met on Main St. In Columbus Ohio. We were curious about why you had all of the helmets. You told us why, and now after visitin the site you told us about we understand the bigger picture. You are an extremly determined individual who clearly cares a great deal about others. Nothing like forest gump,as we jokingly compared you to, who ran cross country aimlessly. You set out on this mission to raise awareness and save lives. We just wanted to say thankyou for caring and wish you sucess. May God continue to bless you and guide you footsteps. Or tiretracks. Lol

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