Day 38: Galesburg, IL (rest?)


I hope all of you are doing fantastic today. The heat got you down? I hope not.. I managed to stay out of the heat today, which was really a great thing. Today’s stats are very short.

Miles rode today: 0
TBI survivors met today: close to 10
Money attempted to win at a drawing: 45,000
Awesomeness factor of Little Ade’s bike shop: 10 out of 10


What time is it? (341? Game-time?) time for Vanilla Ice’s PSA, of course. Here’s an interesting tidbit for today: today, I met the second (yes, second) TBI survivor who got his injury from being shot. One was a handgun in Reno, NV and one was outside of Peoria by a shotgun incident. The reason I mention this is to show you that brain injury happens everywhere and due to anything. Stroke, electrocution, auto accidents, assault, sports, military combat, drugs, slips and falls, the list goes on. Get yourself scanned if you’ve been involved in an accident like these!

Yes, today turned into a rest day. How? Why?? Well, after yesterday’s outrageous flat tire and the heat fun I had, I was given the opportunity to bring my bike in to Little Ade’s bike shop to be looked at and for any equipment that I might need. Amazing. Absolutely awesome, how quick the shop’s owner said he’d love to help. And he keeps and sweet shop, might I add; Garmin, American Classic, Specialized Bikes, Park Tools… All top-tier bike equipment. Thanks, Little Ade’s- check them out in Pekin, Illinois!


After lunch, (thanks for the donation, Beau!) Chris Hess, my amazing Peoria Brain Injury Group support group leader and host took me over to the IL neurological Institute at St. Francis hospital in Peoria. Right when i got there, I met a newspaper reporter and a tv reporter; Check out Peoria news facets (ch 25 WHOY tv and the Peoria Journal Star paper) in the next day or two for DougTrails goodness! After, I met therapists, doctors, and specialists as well as a number of Tbi survivors. I’m so glad I could meet all of you. To my new friend whose name was outrageously difficult to say and remember: you’re a darn good trooper, 3 kids and all! Just : stop smoking : ! You can do this.


The rest of the day, I continued to meet great people. Cricket took me to a drawing at a meetinghouse to win $45,000- although I didn’t win, I think I got a few more DougTrails fans and followers.. Welcome and great to meet you.

Tomorrow? I’ll ride from back in Galesburg to just west of Peoria. Then tomorrow night, I’ll be speaking with the board of the Brain Injury Group here in Peoria.

Glad to be making this mission happen! I’m getting antsy though- can someone set up some national media coverage?

Happy trails!

Ps: my AT&T service here is splotchy. Photos coming in 12 hours or less!

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One Response to Day 38: Galesburg, IL (rest?)

  1. Kirsten Jahn says:

    Yay! There is the video that Scott made!

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