Day 34: Newton, IA

Question: do you like adventures? How about adventures that last 55 days? I hope you are enjoying this one.

It’s about time I included that clip! Iowa isn’t heaven, but it’s close. Now that I have truly experienced the ‘lay of the land’ here in IA, I have a better sense of how cool that movie (Field of Dreams) is. This is Corn Country; in South Philly we’ve got people selling crabs on street corners, in Des Moines it’s sweet corn. I can dig it!

Today’s stats:
Departure: Ankeny, IA @ umm, 3:00pm
Arrival: Newton, IA @ 7:30pm
Distance: 42 miles
Tires replaced: 1
Slices of pizza eaten: 6
Terrain: rolling hills
Weather: cooler than previous 2 weeks, little winds
Farmer’s tan quality: 10/10

Yesterday I began telling you about how I didn’t believe that I had been in a coma and hit by a truck, when I awakened. Think about this for a moment: what if you were :convinced: that what you saw every day was a dream? This was my conclusion, and it ran deep. It took docs a while to understand this; only heavy mess could break me from this feeling of complete disbelief of reality. And guess what? I had horrible ‘flashbacks’ of this feeling of unreality. Scary, I assure you.


So today’s ride started later than usual. But again, for a great reason! I went back and spent a bit more time with my new friends at On With Life, even ate lunch with a few! Everyone there is so nice! A few shoutouts: Keegan, you’ll be walking and telling us all jokes in no time! Roscoe: all I say is this: keep it real, I’m honored to have met you. Lastly, Ann: we’re all rooting for you! Thanks for everything, OWL!

Can you believe it? I didn’t get a flat with all those rips and shreds and holes in my rear tire! Here’s why I was worried:


So yes, I had the first goal for today: bike shop! It took about 7 worrisome miles, but Rasmussen Bike Shop helped me out, I even met a new friend Arnie there.

Rolling hills. Stable air. Nice ride! Made it to Newton, had pizza, and started my search for where to pitch tent. Thank you to the family who is letting me have my tent in their yard! Glad to share my story too.

Tomorrow: I wanna get to Iowa City. It’ll be a long ride if I do!

Stay safe! I’ll be passing Brooklyn tomorrow!


PS: that rear tire lasted 1500 miles! It got to join the millennium club with me!

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One Response to Day 34: Newton, IA

  1. Dawn SChlarb says:

    The young man in the picture Mark is our son, he so enjoyed the visit with you. I hope this helps an inspires him. TBI is so confusing to a lot of people but do know there is help out there. Mark could not say enough about you an your cause. Thanks

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