Day 33: Ankeny, IA

Hello there!

If you’re wondering where Ankeny is located, it’s right northeast of central Des Moines, IA. So, per the schedule, I’ve arrived (and left) the scheduled town a day early! Sweet!

In case you’re really wondering… No, I don’t ride like that. But I should!

The stats:
Departure: Creston, IA @ 7:00am
Arrival: Ankeny, IA @ 5:15pm
Distance: 90 miles
Flat tires: 0!
Liters of H2O drank: maybe 3?

Brain injury ice-pop:
Yesterday I told you about the Post-traumatic amnesia that welcomed me to consciousness after the coma I was in as a result of the hit-and-run.. Here’s the brunt of it, the real trouble: when I could begin remembering, I didn’t believe that I was actually hurt; I thought it was a dream. So what’d I do to fix it? I thought going back to sleep would help, but nope.

Today’s ride started off really slow. I thought (and still think) that it was caused by me having s low bloodsugar level. What’d I do to fix the problem? I drank an energy drink. I hope this isn’t completely bad for me.

I was stressed today because I wanted to get to the brain injury rehab center I was supposed to be at this afternoon. I’m so slow. I wanted to get to OWL by 3:30 and arrived just past 5.

Visiting and speaking at OWL Ankeny was really great. So many great people! My two favorites: Roscoe, my fellow tbi survivor emcee, and Sejla the woman who organized the event. Thanks so much, everyone who was there. I hope you’ll enjoy the photos I had taken below.






OWL had lots of things to give me! As you saw in the last photo, the staff all signed cards thanking me for coming and for my mission! Thanks, guys! I had a complete awesome time meeting fellow brain injury survivors and spreading my story, and I can vouch: OWL is a great place to go!

Tonight, I’m staying in a hotel! Yessss. I hope you’re all staying safe.


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