Day 32: Creston, IA


I very much apologize for this post being some 8 hours later than usual. I was absolutely exhausted last night and passed out (on a bed!) much earlier than expected. I didn’t try, but my usual airheads candy probably couldn’t have kept me up.

The stats:
Departure: Red Oak, IA @ 7:30am
Arrival: Creston, IA @ 3:00 pm
Distance: 46 miles
Miles travelled on unpaved road: ~ 2
Old wooden bridges crossed: 1
Times I wiped out on the gravel: 2
Items lost today: 1


So as I had said i’d do, I attacked media head-on, bright and early. After eating breakfast, I called up the Red Oak radio station after the previous night’s tip by Grandma Huff and checked to see if they’d like to interview me- and yes, the dj, Jerry Dietz, was very interested. My first live radio interview! I was very happy to do it, and ended up making new friends during my ride because of it!

Stop. Freeze. Hammertime. I’d nearly tell you to get the party started but no, TBI facts are anything but a party. Here’s one about my injury and recovery: after reaching stage 14 of the Glasgow coma scale, I had two weeks of time when I remembered nothing. This is called Post-traumatic Amnesia (PTA). I could reply to questions, but I wouldn’t be able to remember anything. It’s as if I was actually unconscious for 4 weeks, when you think about that empty time. More tomorrow.

Yesterday’s ride: very hot and hilly and slow. Just 45 miles took me 70 miles’ time, I swear! This was aided by how I got confused by the array of roads – most of which are unpaved. To avoid the trouble, I read my map frequently. Then finally, a seemingly short off-road section turned into an hour to go 2 miles or so. And riding a heavy, unstable bike on gravel uphill is a huge workout. I felt fast when I got back on the road!

Made it to Creston and called their newspaper! My new friends Monica and Marcia had clued them in and they were happy to interview me. Look for the article!

Marcia and her husband, Ed, gave me a wonderful, delicious, and filling meal that night. I loved talking and sharing stories and talking Iowa and politics! To make things even better, they gave me a bed to sleep in. Ahhhhhhhh. There are amazing, helpful people everywhere! Thanks, Marcia and Ed!

On to Des Moines! tonight I’ll meet with On With Life’s Ankeny hospital!

Safe travels,

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