Welcome to DougTrails!

If you are new to this site, I welcome you and wish to assist you in making sense of my mission and website. Please feel free to explore. BUT! If you want to avoid confusion:
1. Visit the About page first, to read about the DougTrails mission and story. Or, visit Documentary to watch a short introductory video.
2. The DougTrails 2011 TBI Tour ended successfully in Toms River, NJ at 56 days and 3256 miles – if you’d like to read posts starting from Day 1, click here. 
3. Post-XC Journey, my mission to help brain injury survivors continues. Read recent posts below to see what I’m doing!
Scrolling down, you’ll see the most recent posts first. I’m glad you’re here to read more about DougTrails ! 
Disclaimer: most posts were written via iPhone – please excuse misspellings or errors.

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1 Response to Welcome to DougTrails!

  1. Cricket says:

    Doug I am going to contact the RHI it sounds sooo cool am really interested in their research thanks

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