Day 28: Lincoln, NE


Wow. Quite a long day. I’m not sure I have the energy to explain all of it just yet…. So what I’ll do is this: I’ll add the photos, post the stats, and I’ll update with the written description tomorrow. K?


Departure: Grand Island @ 7:30am
Arrival: Lincoln, NE @ 7:30 pm
Total distance: 103 miles
Lincoln, NE welcoming cyclists: 5!
Climate: Hot and Humid, and a killer headwind
Terrain: Nice and flat until Seward, NE then hilly




Here was my welcoming group of cyclists, minus 1!  From left to right: Gina, Chris, Ann and Bob


A photo after we were finally done- here’s Ann, Gina, me and Bob.

Passing out… Tomorrows a rest day, so I’ll update in the late morn. Seeya!

[following Day completion: ]

So the day was as usual, a complete adventure and challenge. I had the amazing opportunity to wake up in a hotel room in Grand Island, NE, which was really great. But of course, I had to wake up very early so that I could start as soon as the sun was out, around 6am. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to coax myself into cleaning up my things and having the bags packed quickly enough – I ended up leaving Grand Island shortly after 7:30am. Even at that point, it was quite humid.

I struggled all day with the heat and humidity – and there’s something to be said about knowing that you have some 95+ miles ahead of you, you know? I pushed onward at a slower-than-usual pace, seeing as I was sore from the previous day’s century ride. I had a headwind since mile three of the day, and so I thought I could handle that without a problem. At one point, I even thought that I was outrageously strong because I could ride at a nice clip into the wind.  But no- the wind kept ramping up and eventually I got to the point when I was forced to motivate myself to move forward the best way I know… Rap music!  This thanks goes out to the kids I teach in South Philadelphia: your making me create a ‘6 foot 7 foot’ Pandora radio station helped! I buckled down until meeting with people by listening to rap and only focusing on the 5 feet ahead of me. Yeah, rough day.

In Seward, NE, I met up with Gina, the leader and fellow TBI-survivor of a support group here in Lincoln, NE along with Chris, a ride leader for a local bike club. From that point on, although the ride was tough, I could keep pushing onward because hey, they were doing it, I should be able to too!  Along the way, we met with Bob and Ann Brown, and another cyclist, Bob. Their pace was perfect. I struggled with having enough energy until mile 103, and was so glad I could be done.

And yes! I met with lots of TBI people yesterday, here in Lincoln! Kate, a part of the Brain Injury Association of NE, along with Nate, a survivor, were waiting at Bob and Ann’s house when we arrived. It felt so amazing to be able to talk TBI with so many skilled and experienced people. We’ll be talking more as time progresses. And I will soon report about the TBI care center that is slated for Lincoln very soon! Photo(s) to come.

I’ll have to save my freeze-frame TBI talk and education for part of Day 29: rest day (Lincoln, NE). I think you’ve all read enough for now.

Thanks goes to Bob and Ann Brown, for offering me a bed to sleep in and amazing company.

Happy Trails,


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2 Responses to Day 28: Lincoln, NE

  1. Kirsten Jahn says:

    Looks like you made some new friends!

    • Patricia Els says:

      Well hope you enjoy your time with my parents they are remarkable people. I have read through your some of your postings and sounds like you have had quite a journey. Hope the rest of your trip is safe.


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