Day 27: Grand Island, NE


Whew.. Today was a long day. I’m still jittery and definitely taking a while to recover. Why? Well, read on!


Freeze. No, really! Turn your thermostat to 0C, I dare you. In TBI facts: there is a brain injury association in every state, and in the event that you or someone you know has a brain injury, google your state’s BIA and call them up. They’re ALL very friendly and will point you in the direction of resources and care.

Today’s Statistics:
Departure: Gothenburg, NE @ 6:00am
Arrival: Grand Island, NE @ 6:30pm
Distance: 105 miles
Climate: Hot & Humid!
Wind: in my favor
Time woke up: 3:30am
Estimate of TOTAL mission miles to this point: 1,773

I woke up extremely early so that I could leave as early as possible. What I hadn’t realized was that because of the time change, the sun wouldn’t be rising quite as early! So I actually ended up having some downtime, waiting for it to be just a little brighter out. In the meantime, I made a new fellow teacher friend; Scott. Scott worked the desk at the hotel during the night shift, and was amazing enough to let me have my continental breakfast at 430am, way early.

So o got on the road… I knew it would get very hot today, so I tried to get as much of it done in the morning as possible. Made it 60 miles, to Kearney, NE by 11:30! That was over half of the day’s projected 100 miles, so I was pleased. Turns out, Kearney is located at the country’s exact midway point for rt 30 and I80! 1,733 miles from San Francisco, 1733 to Boston, where I-80 ends. So there you have it: I’m over halfway done! It feels good… But also a bit tiring.

Made some new friends in Gibbon, and then made my death march to Grand Island, which put me just 95 miles from Lincoln, NE. By the time I got there, I was fatigued, dehydrated, and just a bit wacky. But who cares… I made it, right! I knew my ride would be hell because of this heat!

Outside Gibbon, I got lucky flat # 11. Ohhh welllllll.


I’m ready for Lincoln! Can’t wait to meet the brain injury support group there!

Have a good Sunday!


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One Response to Day 27: Grand Island, NE

  1. Jeanette says:

    It.s awesome that you are halfway done. keep hydrated!

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