Day 26: Gothenburg, NE


Gosh, I’m tired! Today was a long day of riding, talking, hydrating, and yeah, riding. It’s like I’m working on riding up the summit of a mountain; the mountain’s peak this time is my half-way point for the continent… I’m setting this as Lincoln, Nebraska.

Real quick freeze: if someone you know has spent any time unconscious (concussion, whatever) due to injury or otherwise, DON’T take chances! Make sure she/he gets an MRI or CAT scan asap. Why? The most definitive way to diagnose a TBI is by a brain scan, and this will ensure that your loved one doesn’t risk his/her functional life!

…turning the heat back up. Seriously! Today, just like yesterday, was very hot. Yesterday, I succumbed to this heat and ended my day at 40 miles. Not a bad day, but in my opinion, it wasn’t my best effort. Today was only slightly more bearable, so I didn’t stop until mile 86. Yup! That last 20 miles was exhausting. And the annoying bumps in the shoulder of the road I am on dont make any distance much fun!

Statistical Facts:
Departure: Ogallala, NE @ 5:17am
Arrival: Gothenburg, NE @ 5:45pm
Distance travelled: 86 miles
Miles travelled in NE: 215
TV interviews completed: 1
Slices of pizza (dinner) eaten: 5
mL of H2O drank: more than I can count
Trains that blew horn for me: 4 or 5

So riding was annoying. First great thing: I moved into the Central time zone (CST)! This happened at about mile 24, and it made me happy to have a sign of progress.

The interview with North Platte’s tv station, KNOP 2, was this morning! It was great to talk with Jacklyn, the reporter who helped me share my story and mission. The story aired during this evening’s 6pm news, which I was sad that I couldn’t watch! But, I encourage all of you to visit KNOP News 2 website and read the transcript!

Let’s hope tomorrow’s 90 miles are easy! Photos from today:






Happy Trails! See you tomorrow!

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