Day 25: Ogallala, NE


Every day is a beautiful day! That doesn’t just apply to us TBI survivors who are biking cross-continent; everybody. And let me tell you, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. In these eyes, my greatest beauty lies in the smiles people give me when I tell them what I’m doing. And sure, even in their disbelief!

Freeze-frame it: brain injury is an unfortunately-solitary journey. Statistics show that if you were married before your injury, you will likely change behavior enough to warrant or at least cause a separation from your significant other. Fortunately, I don’t have a significant other to lose while I risk injury, weight loss, and insanity while riding a bicycle across the USA!

Turn up the heat! Whew! The statistics….

Departure: Chappell, NE @ 7:30 am
Arrival: Ogallala, NE @ 12:30 pm (ish)
Distance Travelled: 40 miles
Heat index: smoldering
Terrain: potato chip (the wavy Lays type)
Wind: get away from my face!

Today was a good day. Yeah, on the bike it wasn’t a particularly easy day, but hey, most days aren’t easy. As you could get a sense of by the two posts I wrote/made this morning, I was thinking about things unrelated to my pedal motions for much of the morning.

There’s only a few short words that’ll describe the riding part today: rolling, hilly, windy, hot, and construction-strewn. Yup.

I only rolled through 2 towns today, Brule and Ogallala. In Brule, I ended up making acquaintance with a wonderfully friendly and talented woman who owns a shop and embroidery business. When I told her my story, she told me of Isaac, a boy in Ogallala who suffered a tbi a few years ago and is close with her.

It was so great to make more friends. Isaac has his share of disabilities stemming from his TBI, but you know what he does have? A tremendous smile and mischievous sense of humor! To his family, I wish you luck and simply, keep up all your hopes and efforts!

Here’s a photo of the two of us:


There are many things in the works for Dougtrails within the next few days.
– DougTrails T-shirts are coming!
– tomorrow: tv interview (knop North Platte)
– keep trying to get Ben Kweller involved!
-tomorrow I enter a new time zone… Soon I’ll be just 1 hour earlier than the East.

Cant wait to get back on the bike!

Have a good one,

Doug Markgraf

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