Day 24: Chappell, NE


Okay so I’m not quite in Australia, but I figured I’d be a bit unique. Hope all of you had a good day today. I did- it was remarkably without error or hiccup!

Freeze-time: brain injury does a lot to people. Alot of the things it does are unique; my brain injury makes me read the insides of words backwards sometimes (this is fairly unique!). Today’s tip: brain injuries affect processing power of most brains. If you’re talking to someone who’s had a BI, expect them to respond to you slower. In lots of cases, they can follow the conversation just dandy- but he/she probably won’t be quick to reply. They’re busy finding a place to fit the new info (words!).

Unfreeze! Stats for today:
Departure: Bushnell, NE @ 8am
Arrival: Chappell, NE @ 4:45pm
Distance: 76 miles
Average Speed: 15.5 mph
Terrain: pancake ?
Interviews done: 2!
Halo games played 3

Today’s ride was nice! At noon, i stopped and met Klark Byrd, a reporter/columnist for the local (Sidney) newspaper. Over lunch, we talked about my story, my mission, and my challenges. Read what he wrote here: Sun Telegraph article


The best thing bout my ride: flat and without huge winds. The worst? The heat picked up around 3pm to the point that I valued being under a pavillion’s shade. By that point however, I had rode the planned 65 miles to Lodgepole, NE. But that town is tiny- nothing was open so I decided to keep moving (10 miles) to the next big town to meet people and bide my time until bedtime. That brings me here.


I ended up meeting some really friendly people here in Chappell, and one of them, Derek, offered for me to sleep on his extra air mattress at his house! No matter when or who, I’ll always be amazed by when someone lets me into their life and their domain.

I’m hoping that tomorrow’s cooler temperature-wise. I think I have another interview, too! We’ll see.

Moving right along! 85 miles (of about 450) down for Nebraska!

Keep up the good work! Don’t forget: tell everyone to see this site and about what I’m doing!

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One Response to Day 24: Chappell, NE

  1. jeanette says:

    Thanks for linking the article by the Sun Telegraph. I was wondering why you had 3 helmets on your bike – now I know. Take care. Kir’s Mom

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