Day 23: Bushnell, Nebraska!

Hey you all,

What’s happenin’? Are you staying safe? Staying hydrated? Spreading the word about brain injury?

Okay well I hope I can answer yes to each of those questions.. Each one has a special part in today’s post.

And for the ‘stop. Hammertime.’ part of today’s post: (brain injury chat) My brain injury affects the way I do things every day. It defines my decisions. How? Aside from riding cross-continent, simply, my ability to trust my mental capacity.. I don’t trust it.. Because my memory is poor, I can’t do many things and be 100% sure that I’m remembering key details. But you know what helps this condition? Funny enough, I often forget that I don’t trust myself. A real catch-22, I know.

Okay, you can breathe. My lesson’s over for today. Tune in tomorrow to learn about how to pack a pannier bag! Maybe.

Photo #1:


I woke up in my tent to LOTS of wind. Seriously. I hadn’t known this, but the area I was in is named ‘windy hills’. I seriously wondered if my getting out of the tent would make it light enough to fly away. After a long pack-up session, I hit the road. First thing: a long, steep climb back to Happy Jack Rd to continue on my journey. Uphill and into the wind.

So I got moving on the road, and I was :with: the wind on the road! I jetted all the way to Cheyenne, WY, 24 miles away, at the amazing speed of 30mph. So sweet! What made it bittersweet: at an intersection, an unlucky motorcyclist must have caught a sidewind.. By the time I reached him/her, there was a shrouded body on the street with a pool of red. My first time seeing this effect of a traffic accident, and hopefully the last.. RIP. Helmets are good.

I passed it and smiled when I saw this:


Let’s go USS Devil’s Tower Star Wars F C!

Oh, that’s right, stats:
Depart: Outside Laramie, WY @ 8 am
Arrival: Bushnell, NE, 6:45 pm
Distance travelled: 78 miles
Terrain (after leaving the park): pancake
Wind Speed/Direction: 30-40mph NE
Chocolate milk drank: almost a quart

So yeah… Wind. Once it was on my side, I flew! Had no problem doing the mileage I did. I welcomed myself to this new state by a photo:


I passed Pine Bluffs; they found dinosaur fossils here, just like at Como Bluffs! Can someone clue me in to why bluffs are so archeologically rich?

Okay so Nebraska is very green. All farms, mostly. I rolled to the first town in NE, which is where I stopped. Met some new friends here in Bushnell who’re letting me sleep in the tent in the backyard. Thanks, Daryl and Aubry! I was welcomed to yet another state by hail. However, it was Insane. Really.


Fortunately, I could stand under a chicken coop’s roof while the torrential rain, winds, and hail bombed my poor tent. But I had to watch and pray it survived.. Which it did… And I’m ready for bed! The rain’s still going, but that’s all. I’ll sleep great. I hope you do too.

New state, new people, new stories. Keep em coming! I’m very excited.

This just in: I made the front page of Evanston, WY’s newspaper!


Keep it coming! Got at least 1 interview tomorrow. DougTrails!


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4 Responses to Day 23: Bushnell, Nebraska!

  1. Wooo! Front page! That’s awesome Doug, keep going, be safe!

  2. Kirsten Jahn says:

    Dude the newspaper article is awesome! Did you get a copy or can they send one our way?


  3. jeanette says:

    Yes, lets see the newspaper article!

  4. Jess says:

    Awesome making it on the front page, that’s quite an accomplishment even in Wyoming!

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