Day 22: Outside Laramie, WY


Today’s stats:

Distance: 83 miles
Depart: Medicine Bow, Wyoming @ 9:00 am
Arrival: Curt Goudy State Park, WY @ 8:15 pm
Total riding time: 7.5 hours
Flats: 0
Bugs swatted/seen/squashed: 1,000,000,000 +/- 5
Campsite cost: $17.00

I do love using statistics to describe unquantifiable parts of my journey. All the cool people are doing it!

The morning started like this:


Kathy, my Wyoming support-person and sponsor and I had to part ways… You better keep texting me, Kathy! If you don’t, I’ll leave voicemail of the teletubbies song on a daily basis.


Pause for a moment:
Brain Injury is why I’m riding, and I’ve decided to include a fact about causes and effects of BI each and every day. Let’s start small… Blanket term: Brain Injury. 2 types: traumatic ( force is cause) TBI and acquired (caused by any non-force, like stroke or a brain cyst or tumor) ABI. Okay, unpause.

Today was a scramble! It took 55 miles to get to Laramie from Medicine Bow, which took me until 3:30 to do! Why? Well, I kept stopping, meeting people, talking on phone, texting, tweeting, and resting! Somehow, I didnt mind this. Relaxing 83-mile day.

After I got to Laramie, I had to take rt 80 up a mtn to head east towards Cheyenne. So yeah, I climbed from 6000 feet to about 8500 feet. It felt kinda easy! At the top, you saw how I stopped at the Lincoln memorial. 15 miles took me to this park.

What wasn’t fun about today? Bugs! I must have gotten bitten by some toxic bugs because wow, they have a painful itch to them! It’s making my iPhone typing even slower! Gah!

Here’s some unique photos… Like my tan-line?


I met two cool touring cyclists headed to SLC, Utah today! Good luck, guys!

The campsite:


So yeah! Tomorrow I leave Wyoming! Moving onward!

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One Response to Day 22: Outside Laramie, WY

  1. Kathy Kirlin says:

    Oh, I’ll keep texting all right! Like I’m going to let you forget The Kirlinator! Besides, I haven’t given you nearly enough crap about the things I know now – and more that I will hopefully learn. Some day, my friend, we shall meet again… and play our kazoos! In the meantime, safe travels.

    Much love and affection from me and Russ…

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