Day 20: Rawlins, WY

Hey everyone,

Happy Saturday! Surprisingly, even I had the opportunity to have today feel like a weekend. Thank the lord! Just as today’s ride was short, so will the post.

Distance: 40 miles
Departure time: 10:00 am
Arrival: 1:15 pm
# of quesadillas eaten: 1
# of new DougTrails bracelets received: 75
Wind speed: mild
Happiness factor: .93 (out of 1.00)



I’m through 215 miles of the amazing Wyoming distance. Yeah, WY is over 400 miles wide.


^ a photo of Carrie and I! Carrie’s another TBI survivor and I’ve enjoyed meeting her and having her as part of the SAG crew! She also sponsored my lodging last night- thanks a ton!

Yes, today’s ride was short. I needed this (and it was planned this way too). I did 500 feet of ascent, hit another point on the continental divide (at 7000 ft) and them dropped down into Rawlins. Rawlins is a place with some history.. It has a frontier prison! I’m in a hotel tonight and I spent a good part of my afternoon just lounging. So useful.

Why? I do have some tired legs. Dunno why though… I’ve only rode a bit over 1000 miles in the past few weeks. No biggie, right?

I had forgotten to mention a funny thing ghat happened yesterday: I met a woman who survived a tbi many years ago, while I relaxed at a rest stop. When I told her my story and mission, she jokingly said, (this is so unique!) “You little s***!” May I wish you a safe and expletive-free journey, fellow traveler! She has been headed east just as I am… But she was kinda gas-powered. Fun times.

Tomorrow, I get off I-80 for a bit! I’m hopping on rt 30 east which heads to Medicine Bow and then back southeast to Laramie. This route avoids Elk Mtn and is truck-free!

I wish everyone a good remainder of the weekend!

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