Day 19: Wamsutter, WY


Today’s main post is video. But first, let’s get this straight: today’s first 60 miles were really difficult and slow! I hope wind doesn’t attack me tomorrow like it did today.

Distance: 72 miles

Thanks for the amazing help, Kathy and Carrie!

Here’s the photos:
– I crossed the continental divide! This is where rivers on either side flow either east or west.
– I’ve started using things written on my arm as motivation to keep moving.. I needed it today! Suggest something to write tomorrow, I dare you.
– wind was high!
– I rode late into the evening, loved seeing my shadow!







Have a good one!

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4 Responses to Day 19: Wamsutter, WY

  1. jeanette says:

    Hi Doug! Congratulations on crossing the Continental Divide – you are doing an awesome ride. Like your photos and videos. Take care.

  2. i told you before, and i’ll tell you again. if you actually give up i will personally show up outside your tent regardless of the state and ensure that an apocalyptic celebration occurs in Toms River in late August. New Jersey hasn’t seen anything this exciting.

    Ps: ‘Slappin’ da bass’ is a perfectly inspirational quote

    • Markgraf says:

      2 things:

      1. I will not give up! Ever!
      2. How is slappin da bass inspiring?

      I’m going to work on replying to comments more often now! Let em rip!

  3. Sheri McDonald-Colmon says:

    Happy Sunday Mr. Markgraf!
    How about this ‘You are someone’s inspiration!’.
    While your focus is on those impacted by TBI, you are insipring many more, myself included. Safe travels!

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