Day 18: Rock Springs, WY

Okay part 1 of today’s daily report:

The Stats:
Start: Evanston, WY @ 7:00am
Finish: Rock Springs, WY @ 4:50pm
Distance: 101 miles
Riding time: 7 hours
Average speed: 14.8 mph

So yes, today’s ride was fast! All you new-fangled automobile drivers might think that a difference of 3mph from the normal speed is unimportant- but no, it’s huge! It meant that I could expect to get 150% of my normal mileage completed in a standard hour. Yeah- I did it… I involved a percentage into a report! At this rate, I’ll invite anyone to pull out a calculator and figure out what percentage of the projected total mileage I have rode by this point or any point in the future! My confidence interval (a statistic term often used in engineering) for daily mileage: 65 +/- 35 miles.

Ok I’m blabbing. Had a tailwind for much of the 50 miles I rode after ‘conquering’ the “three sisters”, the three climbs over hills that welcomed me to Wyoming. Not too hard. The last 20 miles? Tough! Sidewind and a lower blood sugar level resulted in a grouchy Doug. But let’s get one thing straight: I don’t stop for nothin’! Well, except the occasional Monster energy drink.




The evening:

I had been looking forward to meeting the brain injury support group for a while. Then, it happened! I mean, I did have to ride about 1100 miles to get to it, but I’m so glad I could. The event, which was held at the Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County, involved brain injury survivors, caregivers, hospital staff and administration. It was done up amazingly well! Thanks to the amazing people who arranged and prepared for it, there were flowers, signs (welcoming ME to the county and hospital!) chef-prepared, delicious food, and most importantly, some really great people. After a funny and humbling introduction by Kathy Kirlin, I was able to tell everyone my story and share some insights I had about my own recovery, my mission, and some points regarding expectations with those who’ve sustained brain injuries. Soon, I’m going to write a post all about communication. And finally: we all should acknowledge and not question the devastating effects of a brain injury!

I’m just blown away by how my night went. I got to meet alot of really great, insightful, caring, and quirky people. From the cowboy who sustained a tbi while roping a steer at a rodeo to the children who I’m sure will always wear their hemets, I feel so blessed to be able to share my hope and encouragement and hopefully inspire them all to work towards their huge or tiny goals!

Photos will be more plentiful soon!




Happy Trails! Wamsutter, WY tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Day 18: Rock Springs, WY

  1. Doug Porter says:

    Hey dude. Glad you made it to the big Rock City safely. Wish we could have came out tonight, but logistics did not work for us. Ogden at 6:00 would not lend to being in Rock Springs by 7:00. You will have a wonderful time with the Kirlins and all of the peeps of WYO. Be safe and may Gods tender mercies be with you always. Love, the Porters.

  2. Chrissy says:

    I like the use of the term “confidence interval”. Is that 95%? Haha.
    You are flying now!

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