Day 17: Evanston, WY!

That’s right, WYOMING! I’m very happy to have these states crossed off my list:


Still to go:
New Jersey

Today’s stats:
Mileage: 47
Flats: 0
Number of rolling support (SAG) people involved: 3
Newspaper interviews conducted: 3

How’d the day start? Let these animals give you an indication:


Those vultures had a hunch… Just kidding! That photo was taken last night, I think.

Okay so anyways, I got to wake up (in a bed!) late today, and that was perfect. I knew that it’d be a shorter distance today, so yeah, I left later. What’d I do instead? I met with the Summit County Bee’s writer and editor! I had fun admiring her camera setup (canon 7d with vertical shutter and the 28-135mm lens) and telling her my story and hearing some of hers. Thanks for all your help and donation, Sheryl.

Next, I rode off into the sun… With Doug And Cheryl as rolling sag support! Their help and suggestions regarding the day’s route was great. The ride was absolutely stunning, a challenge, and adventure.

The stunning:




Turns out, today’s ride was a lot of rolling hills, great scenery, and windy road. My favorite part: this road was curvy enough that it entered and then exited Wyoming once, before staying on one side of the line. The road at that point was actually unpaved, but in a really packed manner. So I enjoyed it! Except, the moment I left Utah the first time, a thunderstorm came down. Not just thunder, but rain and hail! And wind, and oh yeah, it was sideways too. Glad I got this marked off my list fairly early.

By the time I was back in UT, it stopped. But! My amazing Wyoming TBI/ABI coordinator was there for me just after it stopped! Here’s Kathy welcoming me into WY the final time:


So I finished my day at the hotel I’m staying at here in Evanston, WY by about 530. At that time, I hardly had time to relax before getting the two other interviews wrapped up. Here’s to the reporters from Evanston and Rawlins, Randy and Eric, respectively! If you’re reading this, I would really love scanned images of the articles for this site.

The night ended amazingly with dinner. I’m somehow ready for my next 100-mile day tomorrow. How many of these have I done now?

Tomorrow night, I’ll be speaking and meeting with survivors and specialists and doctors in Rock Springs, WY! I can’t wait. By the time I’m done with this tour, I’ll have such a well-rounded viewpoint as to how brain injury is coped with across the USA. When this tour ends on August 21, this blog will become a hub for brain injury awareness and education and connection. Let’s do it up!

Okay now as I rolled into WY and ended UT, I kept singing the teletubbies song. It looked so perfect, the rolling green hills. Please compare the environment in each:

And finally, here’s my muddy bike:


Talk to you tomorrow! Big, long, momentous day!


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2 Responses to Day 17: Evanston, WY!

  1. Roscoe says:

    Rest in the Lord and ride in the power of his might. Your strength will go a lot further.

    Roscoe Milller, OWL Ankeny

  2. Roscoe says:

    I want to know if you make it to Peoria, Illinois?? Keep me posted where you are, make it home safe.

    Roscoe Miller

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