Day 16: Coalville, UT


My journey just keeps getting better and better! You might have expected that I’d get run down by the time I began to cross the Rockies, but somehow, it hasn’t happened. We’ll have to keep waiting for that. You can, anyways. Just not me.


Woke up on the couch (!) at the cheery time of 515am, and it still took me an hour to put a foot on the pedals. The night prior, Daniel showed me how there is a bike trail that follows rt 189 through the canyon, and boy was that useful! I loved the scenery and was just blown away. Very perfect way to start the day.

Aside from a tiny plastic piece breaking on my rear wheel, my day mechanically was perfect. And this was vital today… Lots of slow climbing in my easiest gear. But how bout after the climbing? A really great 7-mile downhill!


I had hoped that I’d be able to ride bike paths alot of my 67-mile day, but no luck. I still made it to my destination though!

On my way, I made lots of great new friends! Easily told 8 people today, probably plenty more, too!

From Kathy, who is my go-to contact for all things Wyoming, I was offered a place to stay here in Coalville with the Porters. I sound like a broken record, but… They’re amazing people! I was told that they’d allow me to set up tent on their lawn, but when I got there, Doug gave me a choice: lawn or bed. Who would seriously choose lawn?? It’s fun being around Doug; there’s Doug and ‘other Doug’ and I think we fluctuate as to who the other is. Please tell me you get the ‘The Hangover’ reference! At any rate, we have fun joking around and he cooked me the best recovery meal ever: BBQ ribs, chicken, and baked potatoes. Look out for a new band forming in the Rock Springs hotel lobby with two Dougs, a Russel, and I’m not sure who else.

Here’s the two Dougs on the top of the cliff across the street from the Porter house:



And finally, here’s s photo of just me looking out over the valley:


Tomorrow’s Wyoming! Evanston, WY will be very soon, in about 50 miles. I can expect it to be medium difficulty, we’ll see.

Happy Trails!

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