Rest Day 2- gettin’ stuff done

Right now I’m totally washing all my clothes. what’s that mean? I’m wearing the least-used clothes I have in my panniers. Guess which those are? The winter clothes! It’s a sauna in here. 🙂

After the clothes are clean and dry, I’ll head over to the library and try to get a little cleaning done on this blog. I’ll make the official flats-bet page, and in hope, I’ll get my itinerary updated. Very important things.

Next, I’ll probably spend some time stitching up my cycling shorts. Yeah, they’re getting dingy. This is better than wasting money on a whole new pair, I think.

Oh! And I’ll eat! Alot! Thanks, Zachary, for reminding me that rest days are about recovering lost weight! Perhaps I should use my aloe on my sunburn, too.

If you have my number, feel free to call me!

Lastly: I’m meeting the Provo TBI support group at Brigham Young University at 7pm. Can’t wait.

Have a good day everybody! You east coasters have been up for a while already, but you still can have a good one.


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