Day 14: Orem, UT

Hey everyone,

I’m not entirely sure what to classify this day as.. It was by most accounts a success, but nearly every part was a bit confused.

I’ve got to keep this to-the-point, as my phone’s very low on battery.

Mileage: 70
Time on bike: probably 7 hours
Flats: 0
Terrain: rolling hills
Weather: unpredictable!

I woke up on a lawn and was on the bike by 9am. You know, it’s very strange that I can’t get on the road at a standard time. But, I did start my day thinking itd be easy.. Was it? Heck no! At least I wasn’t on a freeway.

I ended up taking a very backwards route to the Provo area. I did this because I am very sick of route 80. Issue with this route? Very roundabout.. At points, I was headed southeast or south! My end vector was east, and that’s the way the wind was blowing.

And blow it did- I spent the first maybe 2.5 hrs fighting a headwind at 6 mph- no fun. All I had to motivate me was, “the next towns coming soon, and this one has a convenience store!” (this wasn’t usually true either). I stopped quite often.

So yes, headwinds. But also, I had four rainstorms hit me along my way. This was of course aided by the lake effect, what with the great salt lake being so close. And from the photos, I think you could see that I spent the day going. “I better not ride :into: that…”. But still, being cold and wet is nice for a change.

I hope I don’t wake up cold and wet.. I finally got forced to set up the tent in the pouring rain here in Orem.. The hotels were way out of a reasonable range, price wise! So I’m set up in a business park, behind a big bush. Everything’s wet. But, I’m a trooper! I like when the odds are against me. Or at least I like beating those odds, you know?

Traumatic brain injury is all about odds and predictions. As soon as you hurt your brain, doctors will tell family just that- They might say, “he/she has a good chance at assisted living…” or “now, if things don’t improve, should we make plans for organ donation?” Seriously. TBI isn’t a fun journey. Perhaps neither is riding a bicycle over the Rocky Mtns too.. But we should be prepped for both situations! It’s a shame I can’t have you to joke around with along the way.

Tomorrow, I’ll be meeting members of the tbi support group of Provo, UT! I can’t wait to meet them. I know that it will be a fair trade; my hope and strength for their optimism and smiles. I’ll definitely let you know how it goes.

Rest. I need it! And food!

The first installment of the DougTrails donors’ photos:


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Energy of this page.

Seeya tomorrow!

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