Day 13: Grantsville, UT



Today’s theme: be ready for anything.
Today’s mileage: 96
Today’s chemical compound: NaCl
Today’s flat count: 0
Start location: Wendover, UT
Finish Location: Grantsville, UT
General Terrain: pancake

The DougTrails tour is on track, on schedule, and on speed! Okay, not on speed… Me and my bike don’t even know what speed is, honestly. Rolling along.

Woke up kinda late (7am), because the hotel room bed was really comfy. I didn’t want to sleep in a hotel last night, but Wendover is a bit uncomfortable. Just to give you an idea, a block from my motel 6 was the ‘Hard Times Pawn Shop’! I just didn’t have the time to devote to that shop..

I had no idea that I’d be riding for some 54 miles straight before getting anything resembling food or water- but thats gotta be expected. So I honestly bring enough supplies to get me 100 miles without stopping, but what fun is that?

Today was taken up mostly by the salt flats along I-80. They’re very interesting! I enjoyed passing the tons of stone assemblies of names and messages on the flats. I just had to leave my mark… Here’s some photos of the flats! NaCl = Salt, by the way,



I rode on, until I finally had lunch and got held up by this thunderstorm:


After it rolled through, I was able to ride the wind to Grantsville. Awesome town! Very comfy. I ended up asking a pair of men in a yard where a good place to set up camp might be; the owner of the house let me stay in his yard! And, in addition to a patch of grass, he let me take a shower, have some pizza, and we had a great conversation too! I’m so happy to make so many new, amazing friends.

Tomorrow, I’m slated to get to Provo. But, since I won’t meet the support group in provo till Monday, I’m gonna try to see Salt Lake City. Wish me luck!

Keep up all the great work you’re doing!


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2 Responses to Day 13: Grantsville, UT

  1. Love the last picture! Yay for no flats!!

  2. Kathy Kirlin says:

    Ditto Stephanie: yay for no flats (although, technically, you were riding on flats most of the day – salt flats, that is)! Bad humor, I know. Couldn’t resist. 🙂

    Look forward to you crossing the Wyoming border. In the meantime, enjoy Utah!

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