Day 12: Wendover, UT

That’s right, I’m through Nevada! It only took a little over 400 miles, but I’ve crossed another fine state off my checklist. I made lots of great friends in NV, I’ll miss all of you! Of course, all of you Nevadans are going to “ride” with me the rest of the way, through this blog, I would hope. By the time I make it to he coast of New Jersey, my gang of Internet riders will be huge. I can’t wait! Lots of miles left to do though..

Today’s ride was absolutely ideal, for NV riding.. It wasn’t overly hot, not too hilly (mostly downhill!), and the best part? No flats! I even expected that id get one on todays distance… But I got lucky. Thanks for your best wishes and encouragement, everyone! Today’s mileage: 111 miles! It wasn’t on the itinerary to ride directly from Elko to Wendover, so I ended up making up for the day that I was behind in my itinerary. Dougtrails is on schedule.

Challenges today? I was very excited when I figured out how to charge the iPhone using my dynamo hub- after having lost the USB adapter that allowed my iPhone to charge from the ReeCharge on my bike, I had been forced to stick to charging at stops. If you can’t imagine, I just can’t rely on the stops, some of which are as much as 60 miles apart. Kyle Rice, the solar charger you donated was the workin puzzle piece! I just have to make sure it doesnt overheat when I jam all that voltage into it from my front wheel.

Tomorrow will be my first salt flat day- I bet it’ll be very uncomfy to ride the 85+ miles in the heat. So it’ll be another early day.

I really enjoyed the scenery today. Here’s some more photos and even some video!




I spent much of the last few days pondering a way to incorporate a fun little wager into my success. You all know I’ll succeed, don’t even think otherwise! But, just how many flat tires will I fix by the end of my journey? I’ve decided to let you all place bets on it! Start your pondering like, now. Within the next few days, I’ll have a secure way for all of you to place your bets here on this site! Brain trust member and friend, Haroon will be in charge. Cost: $5 for your guess! The person who’s closest to the actual number when I arrive in Tom’s River, NJ will win half of the money brought in from this contest. The other half will go towards the production costs of the documentary being filmed and edited and finally, released in the coming late Fall. There will be a deadline for your wagers, likely when I reach the middle of my route. Heres the current flat count: 10 flats! This does not include a few failed patches… But from this moment on, all complete losses of air in a tire will count as a flat tire as reported by me (daily). Let the fun begin! Don’t share your guess with me, please!

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend. I’ll be headed to Grantsville, Utah tomorrow.


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One Response to Day 12: Wendover, UT

  1. I like the contest idea, but, just for clarity, what happens if more than 1 person guess the same number of flats? Will they be notified and be given a chance at another guess, or will the 50% share of the money be split amongst all those with the same guess?

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