Day 11: Elko, NV


I hope your day was as productive as mine was! Did you get out riding? I did! Haha.

74 miles wasn’t super hard to do today- very surprising. I woke up at what time again? that’s right, 4:30! What time will I wake up tomorrow (Friday) morning? 4! Why? Turns out, my early bird capabilities are extremely helpful in the desert. The earlier I start riding, the less chance of having to ride in the heat of the day. Which, I’ve found, is just not pleasant at all. I’d sooner use the road as a grill than let it warm up my tires.

Today was pretty basic: one flat, one stop, one rider.. I rode to Carlin, which was 50 miles away. Fun bike touring trick: ride towards the east at sunrise, it keeps one from looking too far down the road, which will undoubtedly get you anxious. I stares at the road directly in front of me, and that kept me calm, collected, and blissful.

You saw that I rode through a tunnel today: so scary! That was, for a brain injury survivor, a near-poop-my-pants scenario. I can bomb down mountains at 30mph, but riding in the same lane as trucks that drive at 80mph? Save me.

I got to Elko with plenty of time to relax. So I went to electronics stores, Walmart, and the bike shop! I made a new friend, Dustin, at the computer repain store. When he heard my story, Dustin immediately asked, “what can I give to help you?” he ended up giving me drink mix, energy bars, and gels. And! A ride! This was very humorous… Here’s my loaded ‘rolling monster’ and him and his SUV:


And of course:


Tomorrow’s going to be a tough day… 110 miles from Elko to Wendover, UT! Comment here and tell me if you think I can do it!

Keep safe, ok?

Doug Markgraf

Shoutout to my students past and present at Universal Institute Charter School! Boy, do I have surprises for you come September!

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6 Responses to Day 11: Elko, NV

  1. Brett says:

    Keep rolling fast and steady Doug! You’ve got a ton of sunlight to do crank out 110 miles. I’m sure you’ll be done by early afternoon with when you’ve been getting up!

  2. Sharon Attaway-Hett, RN says:

    I enjoyed reading your story, you are truly an inspiration for survivors of traumatic brain injury. I am an ER nurse in Las Vegas, Nevada and have seen the devastation such an injury brings. I do have a question, though. How in the world did you get my son Dustin to smile like that for the camera? He hates his pic taken and will only smile for my pictures when I threaten to use my Mom privelege and ground him? Good luck on your trek, be safe.

    Sharon Attaway-Hett

  3. Liz Remus says:

    You can do it!!!

    I can’t even imagine how scary it would be to ride in the tunnel. I get super nervous when I’m only driving in the tunnel!!

    You’re doing a great job! Keep it up!

  4. Jess says:

    110 miles is nothing for you. You know you could do a lot more and you know you’ll do 110 today.

  5. Michael Hume says:

    Hi Doug,

    Sorry to tell you this but Wendover is still in Nevada!


    • Markgraf says:

      Now that I’ve been to Wendover, Utah, I can see why you might think Wendover’s only in Nevada! West Wendover is Nevada, with the casinos. Wendover (not west) is in Utah, and it’s so run down. I had to get z hotel room there, it was so bleak.

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