Cross-Training in Wells, NV

Made it to Wells ahead of the expected time, so I decided to take advantage of their beautiful track and run a mile or so. I’m thinking I’ll aim for a 7minute mile. What say you?

This is a perfect mile 50 relaxation activity, no?


[Update]: my mile ended up timing at 7:10, which is precisely the average pace I need to keep to qualify for the Boston Marathon!

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4 Responses to Cross-Training in Wells, NV

  1. Hey Doug! Is that a distinguished look at your foot or what? Or is it an armadillo? The Western States seem really big and lots of space. I am really impressed with your progress! I will not mention anything about you know what (serit) – i spelled it backwards so it doesn’t count! Have a good one.

  2. Not fast enough 😉 glad u got some training in! Now where’s the swimming to make it a tri?

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