Day 10: Battle Mountain


I hope you all have had a wonderful day- has your weather been good? I’m not entirely sure if the weather here in Nevada is ideal, but it’s been okay. Very hot, but hey; not humid!

Why talk about weather? Because its one of only two real challenges I had today! Amazing! I didn’t get a single flat tire today. Sounds unbelievable, right? It seems pretty unreal, given all the unluck I’ve had lately. So for now, we’re all going to cross both our fingers and toes in hopes that my tires stay pressurized! If/when I get another flat, I’m blaming you, got it? Thanks to the many people who jumped to the case and researched ways to fix this crazy problem. You will all go down in history!

So today, I got myself all situated and on the saddle by 7am. Why? Because of the darn heat! By midday, the heat on the freeway becomes my absolute enemy. Today’s 54-mile journey was over by noon, because I left so promptly.

But guess what time I’m leaving in the morning tomorrow! 5am! I’ll be riding some 73 miles to Elko, Nevada. Perhaps I’ll make it there by noon as well. Happy thought: I make it by noon and my saddle-sores don’t give me discomfort!

Arriving in battle mountain by noon was so great. Why? I stopped at my new favorite respite location and met lots of amazing people. Where? McDonald’s! It sounds horrible, but I can always rely on their clean bathrooms, smoothies, and air conditioning. At the BM McD’s, I couldn’t stop making new friends. Seriously. I met two couples/families who ended up donation to the DougTrails initiative. To you: I’m as honored and awed by meeting you as you were of me!

Then, I met my new touring friend, Jason. Jason’s a wildlife firefighter here in BM but when he’s not doing that or finishing up his meteorology degree, he’s out bike touring! I spent the afternoon with Jason, and he ended up showing me his town and somehow keeping me on the saddle much of the day. After an excellent pizza dinner, I was allowed the option of sleeping on a couch tonight at Jason and his housemate/landlord’s house. So here I am, threatening to fall asleep inside for a change. Must wake up at 430 though.

Wisdom for the day: swamp coolers are amazing.

Thanks, everyone! Keep reading! Those next few days will be very hard.

Happy Trails!




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One Response to Day 10: Battle Mountain

  1. Good morning Doug! Love the Janet Pomeroy Center t-shirt. Did you happen to notice the tornado in your third posted photo. I guess you are running into everything. The Janet Pomeroy Center had a spoken word poetry session yesterday. There were a couple of mentions about your trip across the country. Good to hear about the tire situation. Sending you hi energy for the mountain trips.

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