Day 9: Winnemucca (Rest?)

Hello everybody,

Ever had one of those days when it felt like no matter how many steps forward you made, you were still no closer to your end destination? My day was just like this.

Last night I slept in the very back of the Winnemucca graveyard. Yup, I did it! Seriously, sleeping in graveyards is perfect. Well, mostly… Most well-kept graveyards have sprinkler systems. And yeah, I spent the better part of an hour just waiting for the sprinklers to stop throwing water on my tent. But I slept okay.

The main purpose of the day: figure out and fix this outrageous flat tire trend! It has me seething with anger. Seriously. So I went to the rodeo until the bike shop was supposed to open: 10am. At 10:30, I rolled over to the shop only to find that it wouldn’t open until 2pm. 2!

I went to lunch, met people, and waited patiently for my tire situation to iron it’s way out at the bike shop.. Fast forwarding: I went to the shop by 2:30 after making a friend at the pizza place, and the owners of Bikes & More were very helpful. They had a set of tires that appeared good, so I picked them up (specialized armadillo road tires) along with a tire liner for the rear. So after getting some amazing help, I head onto rt 80 again, towards Battle Mountain. Guess what! Within 2 miles, my front tire was running low on air. Aghaghgh! After calling some moral support, I was convinced to head back to Winnemucca for the night. I’ll leave here at 6am, with my freaking tires perfectly inflated… Oh and when I discovered the leaking tire, I managed to misplace the iPhone charger cable with the special adaptor for my Reecharge dynamo charger somewhere on the shoulder of the freeway! I’m doomed!

Do you have any way you can suggest not getting flat tires? Can I hire a witch doctor or a wizard to cast some protective spell on my rubber? I’ll try anything! I need to move forward! Now!

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Tonight, I’m staying in a hotel so that I could get calm and isolated to fix my bike problems and ready to be on the saddle by 6am. Yes, that’s 9am EST.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow- tomorrow I’ll get to Battle Mountain, 51 miles away. Talk to you soon!



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2 Responses to Day 9: Winnemucca (Rest?)

  1. Kirsten Jahn says:

    Should we get Haroon on ordering you a new iPhone charger cable with the special adaptor?

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