Day 8: Winnemucca, NV

Hey everyone,

I hope all of you had a wonderful independence day! We celebrated the anniversary of when our nation got to fend all for itself; go figure, I’m doing that right now, too! I’m not sure we should celebrate my independence however- I know it’s got many of you worried. “What if you hurt yourself?” You could ask any number of questions about safety. I’ve just got to take responsibility for my actions and be a master of the variables I’m forced into contact with. Right?

Theres one variable that is actually overcoming my efforts to control it: flat tires. I have gotten at least one flat tire every day that I’ve been on my journey, or at least I’ve gotten more flats than days I’ve been on the road. I’m now up to 9 flat tires. I’ll say that again: nine flat tires! I must be doing something wrong. One pedal goes down while the other goes up, right? Okay, corny. But yes, I’ve been trying to isolate the tire situation lately. I replaced my rear tire today when I woke up with a flat this morning- new tire, gave me confidence. I roll into Winnemucca, stop at a store, come back to the bike and what do I see? The new tire, flat. You gotta be kidding me!! There’s only two things I can change here: better tires or less weight in the bags. I don’t think I can lose weight, too. Help me find the very best bicycle touring tires, everybody! I’m out of tubes, but there’s a little hope in the bike shop here in town. Cross your fingers for me.

Today’s ride was fine, I guess. Very hot! The temperature went up to 101 degrees fahrenheit and I was riding a bicycle down a highway. So I stopped at every chance I got! Refilled water and cooled down. My ride was over by 6pm- a new start! 75 miles rode today. Average speed: 15 mph.

The Winnemucca fireworks were great! The lasted a very long time, and I did a lot of thinking while they happened. There I was, watching fireworks all alone- definitely a first for me. It reflected how nothing – I repeat – nothing is easy or a cake walk on this journey. I feel like although it was my idea to do this, finishing it will be for all of you, and all of the people I have yet to meet. You’ll see: we all can do amazing things. I say, get started now!

I think you’ve read enough of my blabbering for now. Look forward to some crazy antics soon. Next flat I get, perhaps I’ll videotape myself doing a ‘flat dance’ which will be a type of rain dance! You’ll see. There are always good things coming! Or, as Saul says, ‘there are blue skies ahead’.

Comment! Research tires! Ride your bike (with a helmet)! Carpe diem!



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One Response to Day 8: Winnemucca, NV

  1. Kirsten Jahn says:

    Where is that picture from? Like, a bathroom??

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