Day 7: Lovelock, NV


Boy, today was a tough day. You know how I’d been saying that I was concerned about riding through the desert? With good reason! So yes, the route had no mountains today… However, mountains are much more interesting than flat, repetitive desert. I saw enough sand today, I promise you.

The stats:
Today’s mileage: 109 miles
Counties traveled through: 3
Hours rode: 7
Time departing Reno: 12pm
Flats repaired today: 2

Id love to write much more, but I’m falling asleep!





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2 Responses to Day 7: Lovelock, NV

  1. Alison Hume says:

    Thanks for including “Ryan’s ride” on your page. We sure enjoyed meeting you. Bummer about more flats!

  2. From everyone here in the State of California, it has been a great ride! Thank you Doug and Christie. On to the dessert!

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